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everywhere is as powerful, as alive, as anywhere else. even the dry, seemingly dead desert is anything but — it is teeming with life untethered, dynamic. seasons change, Nature sheds her weathered outer skin, and She begins anew. the spring bursts and the summer warms — celebration and reasons for joy are unending. 

I’m finding that anywhere is just as powerful and alive as anywhere else, because it’s all just the same Earth! same Mother! same power! and outside the atmosphere of our home, it is still the same Universe! same Love! there is inherently nowhere lesser or greater than any other place, except in the construct of our mind. 

we love to make up stories. or, maybe it’s not “making up” but rather a kind of organizing of material and perspective. sure, we are powerful creators, but at the same time, there is nothing that has not manifest in some realm or another. every moment is the Now. eternity is always everywhere. it’s the beauty of the mind that creates this divide. why? because it gives us purpose. it gives us a kind of control, a new perspective, and a less intense vacation from the forever unity of energy. 

so we make these divides, we make these stories with these allegories about the meaning of things — the reason why we’re here. and having a home — a grounded base for creation and cultivation — has historically been one of the most important of those! we’re protective over where we come from, or where we currently are. we’re protective over the beauty we perceive in places, and we subscribe to the ancient stories that have validated it’s power. we place the places that we love on pedestals over those places which have a different kind of (maybe painful) memory in our brain. but there it is again — the brain. the mechanism through which we create meaning for these places and things. it’s silly, and beautiful, and a blessing, isn’t it?

what I have to come back to with each moment, is how vast and powerful this entire planet is! and no single place is any better, any more alive, or any more healing than anywhere else. we can be just as grounded, feel just as expanded, and be just as nourished here as we can there.

I love this earth and all Her wonder! everywhere She is, I want to be.


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