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INTEGRITY: [noun] the state of being whole, entire, or unimpaired // perfect condition // adherence to moral and ethical principles // honesty

is there an inherent integrity that runs through this place? is there an inherent integrity that runs through all the elements of this universe — your designs included?

I trust so.

surely, there must be an integrity that runs through us all — that connects us all, binds us all. surely, there must be a higher vibration of HONESTY that connects our individual constitution with a mirrored vibration of what’s going on inside.

but, how do I perceive this honesty? and why have I made a connection between IT and the way in which I orchestrate my world?

I cannot say for sure, but why do I think that I’ve made this connection and why I feel such a need to communicate it is because I have found a HIGHER PURPOSE in the act of adorning my body — adorning my environment. and I know that I am not doing it alone.

to give you a bit of background into how I have stumbled upon this purpose: I went to art school; I got a degree in fashion; I worked closely with a billion-dollar-empire of a fashion-man for years; I’ve been drowning my body in jewelry since my earliest memory; I’ve spent many years dreaming up body adornment designs and how they would make me — how they would make everyone — feel; I’ve spent the larger amount of my earnings on decorating my home, all with the successful intention of crafting it into a space of peace and warming love; on and on and on. your allegories in adornment may sound different that mine, but I know that they are fundamentally the same . . . 

how I think that we all come upon this purpose is by taking the EXTRA TIME to connect to our own vibration (our intuition). whether we’re fully aware of it or not, by merely being alive we are relentlessly studying ourselves to learn more about our inherent nature. and what we find when we study can most simply be described as Love and as Beauty. that is what you are. with this recognition, we weave integrity by aligning the vibration of Beauty with the elements around us that can support our brightest visions in ways that ARE the most honest. in ways that have the most integrity.

and when it comes to integrity in design (and in business), it’s not that I necessarily think that there are “moral” or “just” principles that must be followed in order to merge with integrity, and be transparent about it. meaning, I don’t think that there is any one guiding book or principle that can set rules / boundaries for you on what is “right” and what is “wrong” throughout your process. but what I am saying, is that I do think that taking the aforementioned extra time to study yourself and match what you find to your environment will prove very, very useful in integrating integrity into everything you create — everything you do.

some questions to ask yourself while studying:

  • what about my environment doesn’t feel balanced?
  • do the vibrations of my creations align with how I feel inside?
  • does what I'm creating feel purposeful?
  • does what I'm creating bring more Beauty to my life, and into the lives of others?
  • does what I'm creating feel kind? or is it negatively affecting anyone / anything else?

adorning my body and my environment has brought incredible purpose and Beauty into my life and the lives of others. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. it is just in the organic progression of my being alive. I couldn’t tell you what other purpose or meaning that there is for me, other than the one that I create for myself. and this, so naturally, has become the one. and I am so exited to share in it with you all!

but then again, I’m just speaking on what I’ve recently found. what I really want to know, is what integrity in design (and in business) feels like for you . . . ? what have you found . . . ?

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