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» New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE 12/14 in Sagittarius «

new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 12/14 2020
art is Caroline Maniere

» This December's NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on 12/14 is in Sagittarius « 

Dec 14 8:17am PST / 11:17am EST / 4:17pm GMT

Dec 15 3:17am AEST

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Joy, direction, courage, mastery, maturity, acceptance, transition



Questions to Ask

What have been my greatest growth spots this year?

In what ways have I permanently changed this year?

What beliefs am I presently replacing? (Write an old, outdated thought pattern and update it with a new, more aligned one)

What crutches do I lean on to get by, but I know don’t serve me longterm? What more sustainable practice / perspective can I replace this with?

What is my new dream for 2021? What direction am I going?

What brings me Joy?

What to Become Aware of

We are stepping into a new age. The closing of one chapter begets the opening of another. This impending Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius calls us on into the incarnation of deeper levels of self-understanding and mastery. This is graduation energy. Major maturation energy. We have worked so hard, journeyed so far. We have been in the thick of our learning, listening and letting go this year.

We are stepping into Joy! Reclaiming our divine inheritance to swim in and express the absolute and unchanging Joy of the Soul! Soul visions are calling us up — loudly and fervently we soar in new directions towards what we never could have believed was possible. Yes, we are still in the thick of it, but there is an opening here into summoning higher levels of self-respect through action and patience.

Solar Eclipse is boosting us as the inherent Joy of Sagittarius clears away cobwebs of doubt and distrust. There is a portal here into greater faith in our personal prayers and intentions, if we so choose it.

This is a release of what we thought we needed to survive, but have in fact discovered in the last year that we have been employing as a crutch, just to get through the day. We have the capability and the responsibility to lean away from the crutch and to breathe devotionally into what we have come to know to be True.

Our crutches are our ego defenses — symptoms of the pain body — which anesthetize us to our Soul voice and the bigger inspirations Soul is called to follow. But this cosmic current is accelerating us into a new direction. The intentions we set now have the charge to guide us on in this coming new age.

With the grief that may arise in letting go, it is helpful to shift from a perspective of loss into one of replacement — swapping out the old for the new. Changing old clothes, adorning in something new and better fitting to how we’ve grown.

This is a transition time of leaning into how we have changed this last year. To really identify, to name, what it is that we have grown out of and what it is that we are growing into. What is the new dream we long to dream? May we name it, fertilize it, share it bit by bit with the world in every action we take.

Keep on with the practices which ground you in your body, and uplift your spirit. Practices which are meditative and come naturally. Practices which exercise your faith and match your frequency exactly to that of your big new dreams.

Stay in your Joy. Hold a soft smile.

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