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» New Moon on 8/18-19 in Leo «

susan sedon-boulet 1980 new moon in Leo 2020 astrology moon + rock
art is the extraordinary Susan Seddon Boulet - 1980

» This August's NEW Moon on 8/18-19 is in Leo « 

August 18 7:42pm PDT / 10:42pm EDT

August 19 2:42am GMT / 12:42pm AEDT 

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Honor, empowerment, strength, invigoration, development, embodiment, expectation, capability


Questions to Ask

What are my favorite ways to honor myself? What practices bring about a great love of myself?

What intention am I sowing at this New Moon?

What is currently invigorating me? What do I feel inspired by?

What is developing within me? What visions am I nurturing?

What does embodiment of self love + self respect look like to me?

What expectations are not severing me that I would like to release?


What to Become Aware of

We are granted the cosmic support at each New Moon to sow seeds of intentions for the coming Moon cycle. Associated with the subconscious, unseen, ethereal realms of both psyche and soul, New Moons become our blank canvas, our restorative open space to retreat into the embodiment of our own inherent empowerment and creative understanding. New Moons are cool, tender, quietly personal. However, we have a unique line up during this Leo New Moon which brings forth big Sun energy, the strength of divine masculinity, as well as energized expectations about what we are capable of.

This is a very invigorating, encouraging New Moon, gifting us a personal will power to burn brighter in darker days, to rise to the occasion of transformation and welcome the alchemy that occurs when we continuously choose gratitude and love over fear and despair. There is an amplified sense of what is possible for us both personally and collectively right now — we may be able to really sink into how we understand our individual parts to contribute to the long-term dream of the whole. We do this though an honoring of exactly where we are, in the Here and Now, through an exciting acceptance of what today holds. The divine masculinity within each of us is rising in a beautiful burning flame of honor, creativity, intelligence, and smart (not hard) work ethic.

We are sinking into some fiery depths — harmonizing the coolness of the Moon, there is a heat associated with this Leo moment as we each become confronted with any long-held victimhood, disorientation around our intentions, or a seemingly ever-pestering sense of un-belonging. And as we become confronted with these very provoking emotions, we realize that the greatest purpose of seeing them, feeling them, welcoming them…is to immerse ourselves fully into the ocean of existence here — to find the tides that take us to warm shores, and to know how to stay out of the tides that don’t feel like a flow but feel like a fight. We must empower ourselves now to take personal responsibility for what arises within us, for our beliefs and judgements about the world around us, and for what we are going to do with all of it.

There is a great creative force surging, as Leo commands the knowing of who we are (how we show up in this world) and personal will power (how are we going to get the necessary done?). We can understand our unique energetic imprint as something wonderfully needed and necessary to the workings of the greater wheel of life right now. We are called to honor our parts and strengthen into the embodiment of our visions. Rather than spinning in victim-hood, how can we remember who we are enough to take our power back? Rather than wallowing in un-belonging, how can we remind ourselves what it is that we inherently belong to? We must bring ourselves back into a purposeful self-responsibility at this time so that our gifts may be amplified and embodied in all their blazing Beauty.

May we honor exactly where we are at today. Capable. Empowered. Strong. Ever-evolving and designed to change. May we welcome the fire of our own intentional transformation.


A Ritual to Practice

Embodiment Through Encouragement

A wonderful way to manifest (embody) the empowerment within us to to state it, write it, make it physically known in the world. Here is a sweet way to embody some self-empowerment through self-encouragement today.

☾ Gather some art supplies (paper, markers, pens, paints, etc) as well as any inspiring natural elements that you have access to (flowers, leaves, oils, etc).

☾ In the center of a piece of paper, write out an empowering mantra that encourages your creativity and sense of your Beautiful Self. Decorate it with your art supplies and natural elements (gluing on flowers to dry over time becomes so gorgeous and a wonderful reminder of change!). Put this mantra somewhere you will see it often during the coming Moon cycle. 

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