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An Ancient Memory~

You have reawakened an ancient memory within you. A memory of who you really are and where you’ve come from. A memory of your origins and your destination. You have reawakened the purity and simplicity of your childhood psyche. You have cleansed the calcified corners of your mind where culture attempted to abduct you. You know better now.

You are again brave enough to ask the deeper questions and to trust answers from somewhere other than the world around you. You are brave enough to no longer go by the book. Any book. Any belief. Any structure or custom which doesn’t ring absolutely true for you. You stand in your place of personal power. There is a creative spirit which animates your every breath and you welcome your own metamorphosis, again and again and again.

You never quite bought all that you grew up being taught. You danced in a tender intuition but the forces of materialism are chains stronger than steel. They wrap themselves around the psyche and it takes every fiber of our own personal willingness to break free. No one can do it for us. You can lead the horse to the water but you cannot make him drink. We are each responsible for our own re-Awakening.

May you feel so much gratitude to the many elements which transpire to lift you from your slumber; to instill in you a bravery which seeks harmony; to exercise an intelligence which speaks the language of the beyond and knows just how to listen, translate, and respond; to dust your mundane days in serendipity, sensitivity, divination, True Beauty + Love.

May you be Thankful for this day to remember what matters. To act in ancient memory.

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