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» New Moon on 7/31 - 8/1 in Leo «

black super new moon in leo on 7/31 moon & rock
» This New Moon on 7/31 - 8/1 is in Leo «



Ancestral, angelic, guided, qualified, determined, simple, poignant, possible


Questions to Ask

When I feel into the concept of guidance beyond this physical realm, what comes up? What does that feel like for me?

What is my relationship with my blood family currently like? What is feeling easy? What is feeling challenging?

What am I determined to manifest / accomplish / see through at this time?

What allies aid me in seeing this vision through?

Where is my energy being dispersed? Where do I want to focus it?

Where can I simplify, to make more room for what’s really needed?

What matters to me?

What to Become Aware of

What a dynamic, multidimensional container we’re being stretched through. Our steady awareness is our rooting, our grounding right now — as ancestral, subconscious, and interstellar grooves are making themselves obvious to us. New Moons are times of surrender — of releasing fearlessly into what’s surfacing from the darkness. And this Moon ~ Black + Super ~ just means that this is the second New Moon we’re having in the month of July, and it is Super because it is held closer to Earth than is usual. Moon is aligning with the fixed star cluster Praesaepe, who represents the spirit of the ancestors. This space is all about seeing into and breaking out of old familial grooves (anxieties, traumas, fears, dis-eases) which don’t belong to us personally. When we heal ourselves, we heal our family line. Our ancestral connections (both that which we are aware of, as well as those in our way-ancient blood line who we may not be aware of) are bringing up various pressures related to hive-mentality ~ Where is our loyalty? Is there balance in these relationships? We may be feeling pressure to attach to and identify with our blood clan...which of course is beautifully valuable to our sense of safety and love in life, but it can also be a distraction from the unique mission of what our spirit came to stand for and do. Often, this mission differs drastically from those in our clan, because though we are them, we are also not them. We chose them by coming through them, we created them through creating ourselves, and we may keep choosing them, but that doesn’t mean that we are required to submit to their perspectives ~ we must set out to work with our own. May this Moon provide us with strength in the remembrance of what we came here to do. May she instill the wisdom of our soul’s grander vision.

Now is our time to remember that we are fully qualified to create all that we are inclined to in this lifetime. We have everything that we need...nothing outside of ourselves is needed. We are guided. We came here with a vision. May we hold it. May we dream it. May we weave it. Remember that it is not suppose to be easy. Incarnating here, we knew it was going to be hard. But we did it because we knew it was going to be the most worth it. We signed up for it, so may we enjoy it. Enjoy every breath! Enjoy the balance of every sensation. Gratitude is our alchemical gold.

This New Moon is our foundation to set poignant intention for what we need to see through in the coming year. The seeds we plant today will be the fruits we dance beneath next year. Now is the time to expand our beliefs about what we are capable of. There is serendipity ~ intuitive guidance ~ flooding every avenue. May we stay brave enough to flow with it.


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