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Perfection, perception, unification, sweetness, fondness, symmetry, intentionality 

Questions to Ask

In what ways have I experienced growth within myself over the past year?

What growth do I crave for myself in this coming year?

What does the concept of “balance” mean to me in day to day life?

How balanced do I presently feel? What practices bring me back into experiencing balance?

Who or what is inspiring me most right now?

What is one sweet memory from childhood, in which I felt a sense of self-love or connection to all of life?

What are three ways in which I feel called to nourish my body at this time?

What to Become Aware of

Our Beauty emanates from the reflection of perfection we perceive within everything…within the balance of existence ~ life and death, light and dark, yin and yang, high and low. Our ability to remember how to again experience our existence as something so masterfully far beyond our physicality is our most potent remedy. This is a state we thrived in as children, though through time of brain development and societal preferences, we harden. We harden into belief, and without practices to continually come back into this sweet remembrance, the more attached we become to the story being played out in our lives ~ to our personalities, identities, desires, memories, the works. Our remedy is in remembering that we are not the story, but that we are the Witness of the story, and that we are active and purposeful participants in the story. We are the Center. We are the Middle Way. Everything along the edges are just guides, bumping us back to Center. When we begin to hold this in our day to day lives, we hold ourselves in our wholeness and authenticity. Worth of and love for ourselves takes on unshakable, unconditional strength, as we know that we are inherently worthy the story of society. Our authenticity really lives in our ability to not get stuck in the dramas lingering at our edges, but to remain in honest communication with life about what we stand for and what we need. 

At this bright Moon in Aquarius, when Aquarius opposes gorgeous Venus, love yourself. Love yourself so sweetly in all the ways you know how. This love inherently reflects onto your love for others, even and especially those with different viewpoints or from different walks of love. Love of self in this day is radical. Be radical. Dare to be revolutionary in your self-care. Those who it scares don’t belong in the curation of your wildest dreams. Sharpen your focus on those who inspire you, and whom you intuit that you inspire (there are more of them than you see, believe me). Full Moons are times of illumination of the expression of the Beauty of who we truly, deeply are at the most fundamental level of our essence. Live from that place. Today. All days. Set boundaries that need to be set. Ask for what you need. Hold balance by holding Center. May all experiences lead us back into the remembrance of our Beauty beyond the story. Biggest Full Moon Blessings + Celebrations!

A Ritual to Practice

Serendipity Journal ~

It is so illuminating and poignant to log the little serendipities that happen for us over time. I have done this for myself throughout life, but haven’t lately, until I recently listened to beautiful The Medicine Stories podcast episode with Tamira Cousett ~ Tamira brought the idea up and it hit me so hard how powerful this practice really is. So I’ve been doing it again! Just as a little note in my iPhone, but feel free to keep these experiences logged in a physical journal if that tickles your fancy more. It’s so simple :: just begin to keep track of any serendipities or synchronicities that crop up for you throughout life. Only you can know what that looks and feels like for you. These are things you don’t even have to tell anyone about, and honestly, you probably shouldn’t. These are sacred symbols, signs, and communions that Life has with you. These are moments that make you feel held, guided, and protected by Life. Take a look through them as often as you need.


* art is by Brock Lefferts

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