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~ New Moon on 3/6 in Pisces ~


new moon in pisces on 3/6

~ This March's New Moon on 3/6 is in Pisces ~



Wholeness, contrast, surrender, support, celebration, honor, water


Questions to Ask 

What do I honestly feel is my current state of self-worth is?

What in my life, up until this point, has made me believe that I am not worthy?

What in my life currently reminds me that I am worthy?

What does the word “surrender” mean to me? And what does it feel like for me?

What do I have to celebrate at this New Moon?

Who or what do I feel most supported by at this time? How can I best thank them, and offer my support in return?


What to Become Aware of

Who we are beyond this physical form is what really matters. We don’t get to take us with us when we go. We don’t get to take these stories, these faces, these achievements and these possessions with us when our bodies fade away. But what we do get to take is our presence — our steady awareness in all its wholeness and contrast. Owning the dance between our darkest shadows and our soaring lights is what creates our true Beauty. Our ability to disconnect from our identification with our bodies and what they look and feel like is the humble healing of this New Moon. We owe ourselves this breather, to stop worrying so much about our worth and place here. Why do we care so much? Who we believe ourselves to be is just a stunning manifestation of all that is beyond what these eyes can see. And we are endlessly worthy. There is no reason for us not to be. As Alan Watts said, who we are deep deep down and far far in is the very fabric and structure of existence itself. And yet here we are, so tripped up in the minuscule details of our fleeting physical form. Feeling this is simply our call to disconnect from the obsession with doing so, and reconnect with our ability to love and own and live within the spirit — the energy — we carry in our heart. Please know that THIS is what people see of you and love of you. They love your energy, your heart, your spirit. At least, the people who truly matter do. So let’s tap into that for a night and give our ruminating mind a rest. Let’s rest in the presence of our infinity and surrender to the ways it manifests in reality. Let’s celebrate these bodies, their preciousness and all they do to carry us from one sweet experience through another.

New Moons are times to own our shadows — to embrace darkness and discover the barriers we have created against allowing ourselves to see it. New Moons remind us that darkness is nothing to be afraid of, but is a blessing as it gives contrast to the light. It is a blessing because it reminds us that no part of us is unworthy or wrong. Our Beauty is in our darkness too, as it creates our wholeness. At this New Moon, may we let darkness inspire our evolution and may we find safety and healing in the diversity of nature, especially in the element of water. 

What would we be without water! We wouldn’t be! Water is a sacred and necessary element of life and so often on our planet these days, we are in shortage of it, or it is contaminated. This Pisces New Moon is a sweet time to remember the necessity of clean water in its various forms throughout our day — in our sinks and showers, in our food, in our glasses, in our medicines, in our gardens, in our oceans and streams. Pisces is our water sign, encouraging fluidity and ease. She clears way for meditative space in our minds for drifting dreams to come through. May we remember stillness and may we remember our worthiness all the while, giving thanks and owning our shadows at this New Moon. May we make ourselves whole with everything. 


A Ritual to Practice

Water Blessing

Tonight’s Pisces New Moon is a sweet time to tune into a water blessing, charging up your water with gratitude and intention. Water holds vibration in incredible ways! Here’s what to do:

  • Fill a glass with clean drinking water
  • Once filled, sit in silence and stillness, hands on each side of the glass
  • Pray over your water, either aloud or internally to yourself. Infuse your intentions and manifestations for this New Moon into it. Bless the water with the healing and wholeness you seek. 
  • Set the glass out either outside or in a windowsill under the New Moon. Allow the energy of the night to infuse alongside your prayers.
  • Drink the water first thing in the morning, in celebration and gratitude, taking in all the intention and manifestation energy you poured through it.


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