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» New Moon on 11/14-15 in Scorpio «

new moon in scorpio 1//14-15 moon + rock astrology 2020


» This November's NEW Moon on 11/14-15 is in Scorpio « 

Nov 14 9:07pm PST

Nov 15 12:07am EST / 5:07am GMT / 4:07pm AEST

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Acceleration, honoring, rising, maturity, soul, passion, purpose, breakthrough


Questions to Ask

What have been the biggest emotional triggers for me this last year?

How well am I honoring these emotions?

What am I releasing at this New Moon? Why / how is it not serving me any longer?

With this release, what am I making room for? What direction am I headed in now?

What am I passionate about?


What to Become Aware of

Scorpio New Moons are deeply mysterious and transformative events. Scorpio leaves no stone unturned as we are are asked to honor release and welcome change.

As eclipse season commences, this Moon and the second half of this month usher in big acceleration energy where renewed ambition and direction are stimulated by allowing transformation.

This is a time when we are asked to face the bigger emotional triggers of the last year — how have we worked through these shadows and how do they bear the gifts of our evolution?

As New Moons welcome shadowy depths and Scorpio denies nothing, this is a time to really work with our triggers as portals into our remembering. What are we remembering? How to Love. Always remembering how to Be Love and how to know that we are Loved by All, as an aspect of the One. All triggers are portals back to the One, where we consciously awaken ourselves from our illusion of separation (my reality versus their reality) and into the truth of our unchanging soul state of unified beauty. Held by mother Earth, encouraged by Cosmos, safe in the solace of our innermost beingness, there is huge energy now of honoring recent lessons and resurrecting ourselves through them.

Scorpio tells us that we are allowed to be fully human, messy and idiosyncratic. But that it is similarly through our humanness that we realize that unified Love is both our destiny and our origin. It is through our humanness that we learn not to take our suffering so seriously, but to traverse the depths to source the roots, to water them and fertilize them with with a compassionate consciousness. With Scorpio, it is through our humanness that we understand our boundlessness. Now is a time for conscious release of what just isn’t working anymore. This is the medicine of renewal which leads us on in maturity, grace and passion. This is the self-empowering energy that will accelerate us through the remainder of this year.

Where are you headed? What direction are you moving in now?

These times are swollen with manifestation energy as what we consciously put our intention into at this time, as well as the level of self-worth we hold, will determine how we relate with the triggers that keep cropping up throughout the rest of this month. Breaking free of the past, we birth ourselves anew each day. Hold down now, from the deepest depths of your being, the unchanging truth of your worth and purpose. Be fully human, fully you, to honor triggers as portals into the wholeness of soul. Accept others for where they are. Know that it is all divine. This is just the beginning of the transformations we seek.

In order to evolve on, it is safe to let go.

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