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» New Moon on 10/16 in Libra «

new moon in libra moon + rock
art is Paige Hasaballah

 » This October's NEW Moon on 10/16 is in Libra « 

Oct 16 12:31pm PDT / 3:31pm EDT / 8:31pm GMT

Oct 17 7:31am AEST

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Cooperation, relations, harmonize, realistic, sustainability, pressure, solutions, intentions, small steps


Questions to Ask

Where have I been giving away more of myself than I really wanted to?

Where have I been unwilling to compromise with to others, and how is that affecting our relationship?

What are the five most essential relationship in my life this month? (Formal or informal — from work to family and everything in between)

What is one lesson I am learning in each relationship right now?

What keeps me grounded, at ease? How can I carve more space for myself to engage with this every day?


What to Become Aware of

Our perception is our greatest ally right now as we move through pressurized energies in the realms of relationships, agreements, and long term commitments. Perception is what either exacerbates or soothes stress in the mind and body, as not all stress is bad stress, but rather it is our capacity for adaptability under this pressure that keeps an opening, forward momentum of things.

What our perception can hold true to is that whatever is undergoing pressure is undergoing a process of re-harmonizing. Where we are being wrung out is where are called to take responsibility for creating our own inner and outer harmony. We can do this purely through intention and prayer — the grounding and establishing of a positively transformative vision we would want to see play out.

Libra brings in a balanced cooperation with others, finding a win-win in discussions, negotiations, and all relations. With a dark Moon in Libra, great shadow work is revealing itself in intangible, emotional realms focused on our most significant relationships right now. We are working through the ways in which we have both given away too much of ourselves, as well as the ways in which we have been unwilling to compromise with the needs of others.

In order for our planet to evolve onward in sacred relationship with our fellow human and the natural world, a revolution of heart must take place in which the needs of all are considered and honored. These times are about learning to work with each other, and unlearning the ways in which we have worked against each other. We have great access now into a cooperation of the heart, where we are taking small, practical steps to honor our own needs as well as accommodate for the needs of those we’re in relationship or contract with (formal and informal, time sensitive and flexible).

We can hold true to a new perspective of pressure by grounding. Grounding deeply into a parasympathetic state (rest and digest) where, as much as we’re able, feel rested and connected to the wild world around us. We can ground ourselves into nature. We can ground ourselves into breath. We can ground ourselves into patience. Nothing is as urgent as our fight, flight, freeze mechanism (sympathetic state) makes it out to be, and we can take this next week to really ground back into neutral. Practices and thoughts which keep us more parasympathetic than sympathetic are important. Engage with them multiple times a day.

In neutral, we are adaptable either way. In neutral, pressure is positive because we have the expanded capacity to work with it rather than against it. There is bound to be great discomfort from the pressure of these times, but we are undoubtedly arriving at a new truth, a new understanding, that will continue to support us and guide our way on. We can trust the process, ground into neutral, and hold to this intention of cooperation and harmony for all.

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