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New Moon in Sagittarius || November 23

Diana, the Huntress, Guillaume Seignac

New Moon in Sagittarius || November 23

Radiance, Presence, Love. These are what we are on this Earth to embody. Radiance, Presence, Love.

To walk in an encouraging light of deep, true, encompassing Beauty which arrises from divine confidence, clear vision, and a groundedness in self-love and compassion.

These expand us out of where we have been, guiding where we are going. Arising from past timelines, but recognized present moment gems to be polished and cherished upon the altar of our lives.

May we be steeped in a fresh confidence in our own gifts to the world, seeing all the minute ways we walk in the world as being not only wholly worthy, but necessary.

May we collectively emerge now into new landscapes of adventure and independence.

Arising forth from the dreamy waters of soul, carried now into the clear rejuvenation of our energy outputs. This is a sweet time of forward visioning and optimization. Discipline, devotion, and clarity about what simply feels right in the body as our bow and arrow onward.

This is a beautiful time to pay extra awareness to the body — internally and externally — as a starting place for clearing, rejuvenating, and grounding. We can take stock of what habits or ways of being have become stagnant or simply aren’t working anymore. May we gift ourselves the space to really change it up! Bring in new rituals. Bring in new vibrant foods or movement routines. Take more time for rest so as to have more energy for creation. Adequate rest also equals radiance.

Radiance which emanates golden orbs of sparkles from our eyes, skin, whole being and whole energy output. Radiance which literally leaves others feeling like we have hugged them with our light. Radiance which leaves a lasting imprint of True Beauty upon their heart.

Radiance which comes not from taking an easy way out, but from devotion and clarity to what feels right and true. No quick fixes. No shortcuts. Clarifying what is for us, and what is not for us, and feeling our deepest essence of Light.

Self Inquiry:

- What am I aiming my arrow (intentions) towards?

- What makes me feel Radiant? What is my Radiance?

- To what am I called to step into with confidence as a gift / offering to the world? Why have I been ignoring / suppressing my gifts?

- What areas of my body / health call for attention now? How can I change it up?

- What are three things I can do this week that will bring me more rest?

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