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Full Moon in Aries || October 9

art is by Dustin Kalynuk

Full Moon in Aries || October 9

It’s time to get moving! To channel our fire productively, intentionally.

The emotions of heat that rise within us ask to be channeled into projects or relationships which enhance our sense of authenticity. Into what sets us apart. Into what makes us unique. Into our perfect-just-for-us gifts in the world.

Taking action truly is a form of self-care and sacred self-sufficiency.

The visions we hold most dear cannot come to fruition through any other form than through our own heart work.

This is risky energy, illuminating energy, opening to where we hinder ourselves from a fuller expression of our gifts and visions.

This is a burning away of where we don’t feel worthy. Of why we don’t feel worthy.

This is a time of understanding more about how we walk in the world, of how we are taking right action on our visions … or how we are not. The anxiety that rises through heated emotions is a clear messenger for action taking. When we are distracted with thought, or awaken in the middle of the night with a knowing about something, or become competitive rather than communicative … these are all messages that it is time to get our hands dirty and get to work! May the heat dispel the fear and nurture a fresh ground of perspective on what is needed from us now.

Dispel competitiveness and jealousy by … you guessed it … taking action. And through clear, conscious communication.

When we dwell too long in the dimension of mind — wondering what to do, why to do it, worrying about others who do something similar, wasting chances for joy on jealousy, creating our own perceived defeat — this is when we’re in the realm of vampires where energy is taken and not reciprocated. Get out. Run fast. Find your freedom. Move in literal ways which tend the fires of your own dreams.

Independence and that need to be free are super strong right now. Is an air of independence a regular part of your daily life? If not, what needs to change? Where do you need to get moving?

We can dispel a lot of these intensities through the throat chakra. Verbalizing in safe relationship is a vehicle for taking us from the mind dimension down into the physical dimension, and ultimately acts as a portal for taking us into the heart where we understand our purpose and place here and dwell in inner spaciousness. Where we know our worth. Where we remember our why. And through conscious communication, we create allies and partners and co-creative dreamers of more beautiful worlds.

Together is better, with a playful kiss of independence to boot.

Self inquiry:

  • Where do I need to take action today?
  • In the last year, what projects have I started but not yet finished? Why have I not finished? What is required of me to do so?
  • Around what or who do I feel competitiveness or jealousy or envy? What aspect of this or them do I see myself reflected in?
  • In what ways could my communication be more clear?
  • What do I feel fire around? What is bringing in the heat?
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