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New Moon in Leo || July 28

new moon in leo july 28 atone beauty moon musings astrology 2022

New Moon in Leo || July 28

Let your light be seen. Illuminate wonder, enlivening the hidden corners of subtle beauty all around you. Bring the truth forward. Gather the energy required to hold your your gaze firm, your shoulders high, your heart highest.

Divine Confidence streaming through you as an ally in the fulfillment of your most visionary dreams. The dreams that set your spirit ablaze. The dreams that change lives. The dreams that usher in new eons of incarnation.

You are ready now to love so deeply as to be completely unconditional of what may be reflected back at you. You are ready now to open your heart to the opportunities given to you — opportunities for vulnerability, devotion, creativity, security. Whatever it is you are going through, meet it with courage.

You are ready now to do it your own way. And to know this way, to clear the fog and see the next stepping stones forward, you must get quiet and clear. Clear your body, clear your heart. Simplify your rituals, be discerning about what enters your temple, tend tenderly to your skin, release stagnant emotions back to Mother Earth. Send stagnant energy away down streams or planted into soils. Earth can hold this for us. Earth can transform this for us. She as the ultimate alchemist, the one true incarnate alchemist, who quite literally takes all that has decayed and transforms it into nourishment for other life forms, for new life to be born.

Find your ways to release what has been holding you back from being seen. What is dimming your light? What brings in the fog? What layers can you peel away, and what encourages you along the way?

Great big loyal heart lion energy is with us now. Rise to the occasion of devotion to your own self realization, there is nothing to lose when you are in your truth.

Self inquiry:

  • What does letting myself be seen right now look like? What does it feel like?
  • Is there resistance to letting myself be seen? If so, what is it?
  • What does it look like to love unconditionally right now?
  • What currently feels very vulnerable? How do I face vulnerability?
  • What emotions need to be released? What layers peeled away?
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