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Full Moon in Aquarius || August 11

image is by Hannah Thornhill

Full Moon in Aquarius || August 11

Going home into ourselves is a revolutionary act. In a world that asks us to give, and keep on giving, we must carve space to go deeper within ourselves to tend to what exists just under the surface.

If we are not actively weeding through the muck, clearing out debris and making space for the unknown to make itself known, great heaviness sets in. We may be feeling the weight of personal and collective heaviness during this potent Full Moon. There is a density here. A real electrifying boost of attention put on the inner experiences that aren’t serving our beautiful future vision.

What ways of relating with ego, psyche, subconscious, need attention?

What negative thought patterns need to be laid to rest?

The dance that we do between being awareness, and being ego, may feel incredibly pronounced right now. Our energy, gifts, and givings are being pulled in so many directions. I know that many of us are feeling stretched so thin, that it seems as if holes are forming in soul.

These holes are portals. Go on in. Inside you will discover a knowingness, a courage, and inner resources for stability that the external world could never fully give you.

In the fluid depths, we may find something that needs compassion given to it — a way of being, patterns of reacting, that need the tender empathy of a mother consoling her sad daughter. This is a time to get tender with our more painful inner experiences, to be aware of the ways the psyche slips into victimhood and depressive states about it.

Rise for yourself in loving empowerment. Rise for yourself and your knowings.

Our pain can become our pleasure when we honor it as a gift, a call to move from ego identification into awareness identification — even amongst the chaos and external responsibilities, we are called to choose inner spaciousness and presence which brings purpose into all things.

These are times of strong emotion, potentially very mental and perspective-shattering. It could feel slipper than usual to take the slightest thing personally. Herein lies our work of remaining present, to not put on a personal story about how we are being wronged, but to empower ourselves to become even more resourced in spaciousness from within.

Self Inquiry:

  • What does awareness identification feel like?
  • When in ego identification, what does that feel like? What ways does my ego, mind seek attention from the external world?
  • What thought patterns need to be released?
  • What am I taking too personally? Why do I need to let it go?
  • What does carving space for myself to “go home within myself” look like this week?
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