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» New Moon 8/8 in Leo «

new moon in leo 8/8 lions gate portal meaning astrology 2021 moon + rock

all art in this post is by the incredible Caroline Manière

» This August's NEW MOON on 8/8 is in Leo « 

August 8  6:50 am PDT / 9:50am EDT / 2:50pm BST / 11:50pm AET


❖ Essences

Self-reliant, vibrant, assured, confident, powerful, potent, inspired, movement


❖ Questions to Ask

On a scale of 1-10, how confident do I presently feel in my own skin?

What boosts my confidence? Am I engaging with these practices / experiences regularly?

What is my biggest manifestation right now? What am I calling in?

What can I do TODAY to move this manifestation from my head into my hands? What action can I take? (Simple or huge … anything … do it!!)

What does my deepest sense of “I Am” feel like? Taste like? Sound like? How do they walk in the world?


❖ What to Become Aware of

This gorgeous cycle point of beginnings may visibly be a light-less night, but energetically it is incredibly vibrant, opening, and enlightening. Our personal power is being heightened in gorgeous, inspiring ways.

There is a bubbling up of precious light within our own consciousness in which we recognize our inherent confidence, self-reliance and simple satisfaction. That “who I am” essence which sometimes seems so far from our present reality (when we are stumped in confusion or feeling lost) is bubbling up, full on champagne style, within the sweetness of our own being. Like the popping of a Veuve cork, we can allow ourselves these moments of feeling the super exciting overflowing of our own beauty and will!

We are seeing that not only do we have the ability to dream, but the ability to act (personal will) on those dreams and put them into action. This is choice, and it’s all yours, any moment you want it.

This is a movement-oriented, accelerated Moon in which we are inclined to do something with the dreams and energy patterns we have been working with most intimately in this last year. This is a time to get out of the head and into the body. Move, move, move those psychic patterns down from the head, into the hands and the heart. Your inherent confidence will guide you.

We are being called back into ourSelves, to surrender some of our attachments / co-dependent habits (the ones we can recognize at this time) and to walk and talk from this deeply beautiful discernment of “this is me in the world, take it or leave it”. See and honor where you want to go next! See and honor your dreams as tender little beings that long to be birthed through you (Big Magic style!).

Allow yourself to be accelerated. Allow your body to move it all through. Let go of expectations and dependencies and remain open to how it is all coming together on its own accord — whatever that “it” is for you at this time. You, in your heart of hearts, know. You may also look to 16 degrees of Leo in your natal chart for reference on which house this energy is simmering in for you.

Let your heart be open and welcome all the Greatest Mysteries which are here to support your wildest dreams!

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