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Full Moon 8/22 in Aquarius

full moon in aquarius 8/22 2021 astrology moon and rock moon musings
art is Ceiling at the Royal Palace, Stockholm. July 2016.

» This August's FULL MOON on 8/22 is in Aquarius « 

August 22  5:02am PDT / 8:02am EDT / 1:02pm BST / 10:02pm AET



◯ Essences

Freedom, authenticity, reliability, advancement, intercommunication, transmission, expansion


◯ Questions to Ask

What messages, beliefs, or projections from others am I consciously tuning out at this time?

When I am in my authenticity, how do I communicate?

When I am in my authenticity, how do I walk in the world? What does this look and feel like?

Are there any key conversations I am having, or need to be having, at this time?

How can I work with my deepest fears and doubts as gifts at this time? What new perspective and path are they ushering me into?

Where am I called to lean into greater faith?


◯ What to Become Aware of

This Moon offers an incredible opening into personal freedom, authenticity, truthfulness, knowingness. All of these sweet essences have been within us all along — whole, unchanged, inherent. And yet they become clouded with the noise of the world around us, from societal beliefs and messaging, to the wishes and projections of others, to deep fears and concerns regarding the state of our human family. This Moon offers great progress in realms of touching our authenticity in a more tender way, where we operate from a higher discernment as to how we personally need to walk in the world.

We can only begin within — the greatest prayer we can offer is that of coming into deeper harmony with our own self-knowingness, so that we may offer our work in the world authentically, on a path of divine compassion and with the perspective of unity.

There are strong essences here of communication on various levels — from courageous conversations with our most relevant relations, to more intimate forms of internal prayer / intention setting with our guides. We may be circling back around to certain kinds of conversations or projects that didn’t quite manifest as planned the first time around. We are given new opportunity here to speak our wishes and perspectives from a resonance of greater trust in ourselves. This is throat chakra activation. Use this vibration to manifest the experiences you intend to have in your life. Speak what you need.

As Aquarius is about future timelines and innovation, there is a sense here of soaring quite effortlessly into what is next for us personally. This is progress without the attachment. This is a creative faith that is enduring and boundless. We are able to use this time to really validate our fears with a wise inner voice of empathy and sensitivity, and yet again, great discernment of how the fear is made to serve us rather than block us. If you don’t answer all of the Questions to Ask for this beautiful Moon, I encourage you to at least ponder on these: How can I work with my deepest fears and doubts as gifts at this time? What new perspective and path are they ushering me into?

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