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» Full Moon on 9/1-2 in Pisces «

full moon in pisces moon + rock astrology
art is Mars (Paradise) by Gustave Doré for the Divine Comedy by Dante

» This September's FULL Moon on 9/1-2 is in Pisces « 

Sept 1 10:422pm PDT

Sept 2 1:22am EDT / 5:22am GMT / 3:22pm AEST

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Flow, trust, clearing, prayer, support, priorities, solutions, completions, allowing, divine timing

Questions to Ask

What is coming to a completion for me? What am I clearing out / surrendering control of?

Do I have attachments that no longer serve me? How can I give them up?

What story have I been carrying that could use my forgiveness? What does this forgiveness look + feel like for me?

What long held visions or dreams are coming into more solid manifestation? Where am I witnessing divine timing?

What does the idea of being supported by Spirit mean to me?

What does prayer mean to me?

What to Become Aware of

We have been carrying so much. Our bodies feeling broken from the weight of what our hearts have taken on. Recent months have left each and every one of us vulnerable and exhausted on various levels. We are swimming in the dark, learning to embrace great uncertainty and cultivate faith in a divine timing.

These are not lighthearted matters, nor are they made to be comfortable. But as in everything, they carry with them a heartfelt blessings for our benefit — they mold us into greater grace, refinement, and integrity in this plane. And this is so precious. Through the uncovering of unconscious wounds, the triggering of painful places, we face the wavelength of fear for what it is and learn how to choose Love instead. We learn what feels right in our bodies and for our spirits. We learn what it really feels like to be supported by forces beyond ourselves.

We can shift into a higher awareness of understanding that these times are made to show us what we need, what is a bare necessity, and what is excess. This is a perspective to choose, no one can do it for us. We must take an inventory of where we feel heavy — Where can we trim the excess of what has been weighing us down? Each of us is needing to get back to basics by clearing out what in our field isn’t supportive, encouraging, or uplifting.

Now is the time to surrender the instinct to control the uncontrollable — examples of this would be what’s in the media, how other people treat us, societal laws and structures like masks and distancing. These are elements beyond our immediate control and through the desire to fix or manage them, we cause ourselves more suffering. As an alternative, what we are called to do at this tender Pisces Full Moon, is usher ourselves into a softer feminine flow of allowing, of trust, and of prayer. As an alternative, what we can control is the kinds of media we consume, the kinds of people we give our energy to, and the ways or places we spend our time.

We must choose now where our priorities lay — it’s helpful to write a list of these to make them more concrete for the psyche. These are the priorities where we need to focus our flow of big emotions into at this time. These priorities should feel supportive of our greater intentions and manifestations. Whatever isn’t on this list, release or reserve for another time.

Take heart, as now through September, our hearts will get lighter. As we clear what we don’t need to carry, day by day we will be making room for sweeter prayers to come through. Remember that you are never alone — you have Spirit on your side. Ask for guidance, ask for the exact support that you need. Open up to a trust in divine timing and divine support beyond your immediate ego control. As this month goes on, we will keep on softening.

Whatever causes you to harden, give it up. It's no longer yours to carry. Stay calibrated and breathe easy. When you feel triggered, give it back up to Spirit. Give it to greater energies of support beyond yourself. As your heart softens, your body will soften. As your body softens, your mind will soften. As your mind softens, all of you will again understand that everything is in its right place and your are loved and guided in all of your intentions. You are constructing a beautiful future for us all when you walk your walk, and as Grandmother Flordemayo advises, give every moment 100 percent of your prayer.

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