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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 || Milk Flower Moon

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5 || Milk Flower Moon

With a flowering curiosity, witness the unconscious emotions, sensations, and patterns arising for you now. These are the true psycho-spiritual nuggets of gold, which when illuminated under this Lunar Eclipse portal, prove themselves to be beautiful guides in our lives.

Remember now, that there is no reason to fear the discomfort that accompanies the acknowledgement of these deep seated emotions — what we actually fear is the fear itself, and so when the light of our awareness is brought to this understanding, all of our edges soften and merge back with the beauty of all of creation.

This Scorpio Eclipse reminds us that we are the true masters of our own inner landscapes and frequencies. Scorpio is all about how we share and intermingle our energies with others intimately, as well as how we differentiate and stand in our own strength and purpose.

What does it feel like to really be in you power now? What does it feel like to actively blossom into your unique creative unfoldment?

A Milk Flower Moon sounds delicate, while a Scorpio Eclipse sounds intense, but when they marry together, I believe that what we are dwelling in now is a powerful opportunity to realize that the ways in which we give & receive nourishment don’t always have to be warm, fuzzy, sweet, or comfortable … in fact, sometimes, the most effective love is fierce love, unrelenting love, eclipsed love in which we have to actively seek it to remember it.

To remain comfortably numb instills atrophy, giving way to eventual discomfort and the excavation of unconscious sensations. To remain alert and open to all sensations as they arise keeps us close to truth — like a daily emotional shower in which we are consistently able to slosh away sticky residue, rather than let it build up by going to sleep with it.

Take time for meditation and reflection in the days following this Eclipse. Soften your edges with a fierce loving. Nourish your physical body with good food and rest so that your nervous system can hold the complete capacity of what is arising from the unconscious now. Surround yourself with physical beauty and the fragrances of Mother Earth. Take a bath with milk, honey, and spring blossoms to signify the cleansing of body & spirit. Enjoy the many teachings and blessings making themselves known now — they are here to serve you! As Ram Dass would say, they are your cookbook for awakening.

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