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» Full Moon 4/26 in Scorpio «

full moon in scorpio 4/26 moon + rock astrology 2021
art is Timewheel by Krystleyez

» This April's FULL MOON on 4/26 is in Scorpio « 

April 26 8:32pm PST / 11:32pm EST

April 27 3:32am GMT / 1:32pm AEST

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Deep dive, intuition, senses, emotions, purification, awareness, embodiment


Questions to Ask

What emotions are bubbling up from the surface of my inner emotional world at this time?

What feelings or experiences am I exhausted with and ready to release?

What does “embodiment” mean to me? How would I define that for myself?

What in particular am I coming to embody?

What have I taken on too much of for others? How can I give this back while still remaining in my empathy and service?


What to Become Aware of

This meditative, purifying Scorpio Moon brings us into the depths of our intuitive worlds. We may be facing unsettling feelings, reaching our wits end with patterns and experiences that have drained our emotional capacities, bringing us to a space of intolerance and ultimately, embodiment. What we can no longer tolerate (in ourselves and/or in the world around us), we must embody the remedy of. We must become the presence which transforms these experiences into what we innately know to be True for ourSelves. This Moon is a lot about coming home to ourSelves — we may realize how much we have been taking on from others, how much we have been feeling for others. On one hand, this may bring us a humility and empathy, and on the other, it can be distracting as it drains energy from our own needs and knowings, giving our power away to people and experiences beyond our control.

What is coming into your awareness at this time? What are you feeling? Get still, get quiet, get clear with yourself. Big emotional portals such as this one can leave us feeling at a lack for clarity or words, and we can reach for this clarity through the gifts of our five senses. Though Moon is in Scorpio, there are larger forces at play (as there always is!) and there is similarly big Taurus energy here now as we have just moved into Taurus season. Taurus is practical, hard working, slow and steady and in it for the long haul. Taurus thoroughly enjoys Earthly pleasures along the way and doesn’t care to deny a world of textural delights. We can use the textures of our lives to better understand where we’re at and how to move through. What certain smells have been luring you in? What smells have been turning you off? As an example, you can follow your body’s lead of understanding what foods are presently good for you and what aren’t, or what chemicals in your environment you do not need to have around, as well as what aromas of Mother Earth can bring you good medicine at this time. How are you feeling in your body? How are your energy levels? What easily drains your energy? Use your physicality to gauge your levels of tolerance right now.

This Moon and the 3-4 days following are a real purification portal for us all. Take heart and remember to smile as the shadows of life are truly our gifts and opportunities for the greatest growth. May you use them to do your deepest, most vital work for yourself and for All Our Relations. Your courage, kindness and strength ripples into the collective. Hold that in your heart always.

Similarly remember that this time is more of a pause and a reflection than it is a call to action. Simply allow yourself to BE in the feelings, FEEL and hold it without the need to fix or flush it faster than it wants to go. Remain within and move as gently through the world as you need to. Return to the physical, Earthly pleasures which nettle your nervous system into a place of calm and optimism. A great ritual for this time would be a daily nap :)

𖥸 We have a calming playlist on our Spotify called Parasympathetic that I highly suggest you listen to constantly over the next few days. I know I will be. Find the playlist here.

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