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My prayer for you is that you will know the grateful song of the birds. The gentle caress of the wind. The penetration of the ocean. I pray that amidst anxiety, you know the potency of your power. Your ability to alchemize. To heal. To reveal the illusion of your worries. I pray that you know loving safety away from all things of this world. I pray you find family amongst the flowers. That you drink your nourishment from the tips of the trees. Feel your place in the sea of things. I pray that you do things differently. That you be brave enough to speak what it is that you need, what you feel. See intuition. Repel judgement. Repel projection of how others perceive it. I pray that you take nothing personally. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. May you direct your concerns back upon the callings of your own inner self. May you see the object of your freneticism as being an aspect of yourself, a gift that’s arrived to heal and reveal the ultimate peace of who or what you truly are. Just be. Just see. Take nothing personally. Alchemize. Transform this into something else. Remember, it is all within you. It is all you. It is all Love. It is your gift to transcend. Just Love.

Words from @meagan_moon


* image artist unknown

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