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hi! hey! so nice to have you here!

welcome to The Blog — your one stop journal for all things Beauty.

ultimately, I'm here to get intimate with the question: WHAT IS BEAUTY? 

what are the tools you use to paint your world? what are the allegories you tell in attempt to define what has manifest?

I realize how flighty this all sounds — and I do apologize for pulling you into the stars. but the stars are where you belong! the stars are who you are! and yet — here we are, sitting (or standing) together on this page, on this planet, with these hands and mouths and eyes and ears to see and speak and feel the life that relentlessly shapes itself around us. so you belong here, too. this Earth is who you are. these elements that make you up — you are full to the brim of them all.

we are not at a loss of power here. there is nothing manifest — no element, no alternative source — that you cannot somehow tap into to create what it is that you want. we were born to be makers! we are making it all! You You You have manifested everything around you! everything within you! it is ALL YOURS for the making.

in this space, I will be highlighting on those who use these elemental, alternative forces to make and shape their reality. I will be highlighting on those who realize that this is not merely THEIR reality, but OUR reality — those who work together because they realize that we cannot do it alone, and that everything they do has an impact on everything else; those who combine forces as creative, alchemical tools for the making. it is these lovers, these parters, these families and these friends that I find so fascinating and so desire to surround myself with. wouldn’t you like to do the same?

do you know what a miraculous Artist that you are? have you forgotten what it’s like to pull all the strings, call all the shots, and shape all the clay of your reality?

have you forgotten what your inner maker looks like, feels like, acts like?

let me remind you: (s)he is Beauty! and I would so love to hear the stories that make you, You. won’t you give me a peak?

I intend for this Blog to serve as a space of remembrance for you — a reminder of how to tap back into that super bright, super perfect power within — a power I like to call Beauty. 

. . . some may call it Creativity. some may call it Art. some may call it Love Energy or Inspiration or The Heart or A Genius or God. but however you like to relate, however you like to define, know that it’s safe in this space . . .

know that this Beauty is available to you in every moment of your life. it is available to you on this landing page, but it is also available to you any moment you may so choose; on the subway, in the car, while in your cubicle at work, while swimming under a waterfall, while Netflixing at home, while having a hard conversation with a friend or while having a hard conversation with yourself. this Beauty is ever-available to Y-o-u.

similarly to the aforementioned question, WHAT IS BEAUTY?, I intend to use this space to know: HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOUR REALITY? WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS YOU USE TO MAKE IT AND PROJECT IT?

tell me your allegories, and I’ll tell you mine.

see you next time <3

until then . . .

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