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i am finding that simplicity is the best medicine. where i use to seek complexity — conditioned to think that having more would naturally rid of the old and make space for some new — i now seek simplicity — in understanding that things don’t just go away without my awareness of them, but rather they become saturated and heavy. we must make way for emptiness, for space, for the mysterious new.

the more we go on seeking something new, the more confused we become. this could be in things, places, people, feelings. the more focus we put on something, the more energy we give it. the more energy we give it, the more irritated it’s going to get. you can’t spotlight something all the time ~ you’re going to drive it insane. just as you can’t ignore something all the time ~ there must be a delicate balance. if you want to keep a relationship there, open an honest conversation, but one that isn’t judgmental (or prodding) in it’s inquiries. to love it is to let it be free.

here’s an example ~ skincare. the more energy you put into focusing on your skin, you will come to understand, the worse it will get. it is only when you lovingly say to your skin, “skin, i love you, and i thank you, and i want you to be free, so i’m going to let you be . . .” that you and your skin come to an understanding, one in which you allow each other to do your jobs (you, fulfilling dreams, and skin, protecting and detoxifying). or another example might be your weight. if you say, “body, i love you, and i trust you, and i thank you, so i’m going to let you be . . .” in time, you will be reflecting on the natural, healthy journey your body has taken to rid of what it's been holding onto.

again, it’s not that you must completely ignore the object of your affections (healthy skin, healthy body). you want that relationship! because that relationship is love and it’s your chosen life. it's growth. it gives you purpose here. so you must remain in kind conversation with it. you must continue to nurture it, but you mustn’t prod at it. you mustn’t ask it “why” all the time. you must trust it and it’s journey and it’s dedication to the bettering of you. you mustn’t shock it with constant newness and (over) saturation. you must tell it nice things.

simplicity is the opening up of the mysteriousness of life, in which you choose to allow all illusory comforts and attachments to absolutely fade away. simplicity is surrender ~ choosing to let go. 

in surrender, you find life.

in surrender, you are love.

here's to allowing simplicity to be the key.

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