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The Perfect Iced Matcha Every Time: The Base Recipe

Making iced matcha at home is not only significantly less expensive than buying it out, but it is also healthier and more delicious. You get to control all of the elements that go into it, not to mention, when your own hands and heart go into the making of your beauty tonics, their effect on your system is exponentially more nourishing.

Radiant Matcha doesn't merely touch the lips; it kisses the spirit, reminding you of the wild and radiant beauty that already resides within you. 

When you invite this beauty tonic into your life, you are not just drinking a tea but partaking in ritual, sharing in a tapestry of ancient wisdom, and journeying both tangible and mystical worlds.

Making the perfect iced matcha every time takes a little bit of math. But once you make it a couple times, and get the feel for what quantities of every element work best for you, you can make a glorious, beautifying tonic daily!

Here is my base recipe for the perfect iced matcha every time:

- Grab your favorite glass. Fill halfway with ice. Pour in your delicious liquid of choice.

* Customize: The sky is the limit with what you want to cut your matcha with! My go-to's are raw milk, nut milk, coconut water, herbal tea, lemonade... 

- Heat water to 140 (or a minute before boiling). You don't want to pour boiling water over matcha, as it can damage the antioxidants and polyphenols.

- Sift 1-2 tsp of Radiant Matcha through a fine mesh sieve and into your bowl. Pour 1/4 cup of hot water into the bowl & whisk matcha with a bamboo or electric whisk until frothy.

* Customize: at this point, if you want to add a sweetener, stir it in with your warm matcha. I like honey, maple syrup, or stevia drops.

- After whisking matcha, pour it over the top of your iced beverage.

- Stir sweetly. In-joy in the sunshine if possible!

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