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Redefining Intuition

I feel that intuition needs a redefining in our minds. 

The nature of our mind is to analyze and process information by categorizing it and placing names and labels onto it. This is a wonderful biological mechanism which allows life to make some sense. This is a wonderful survival mechanism because it allows us to feel that we have a firm grip on our experience. And so when it comes to intuition, as in all things, the mind creates this story of what it may be, in order to have some control over how we experience life. But, we cannot grasp something so in-graspable.

The mind likes to think of things as being exactly like itself — as having this mind-like experience of loud thoughts and problem solving processes. But in nature, this is not at all how the rest of life communicates. The mind thinks in one language, nature thinks in another. The mind thinks with dualistic words, nature thinks in connected energetics. Really the only time that we can see this very natural experience of thinking in a human is in a newborn baby — they don’t yet have the mind chatter of language that we do, but they simply dwell in a feeling-based state that is highly connected to everything that surrounds them. The way that they interact with their environment through giving and receiving is one of non-dual connectivity. It is not one of conditioned separation. It is not a dualistic kind of mind. 

The most modern way that we’ve come to think of intuition is as this separate, yet way more elusive, kind of mind. We think of it as being a unique space within us in which our for-sure answers are held, and yet we just have to do something (but what!) in order to hear them. We engage in practices that help us tune into this elusive mind, and yet somehow can never truly hear the clarity of what we expect for it to say. And that’s because … it doesn’t "say" anything. Intuition is empty. And yet, it also holds everything, just in a different form than we “think” that it does. 

I feel that intuition needs a redefining in our minds away from being one of this separate mind-like structure, and into being this deep, energetic well of presence which feels like nothingness and yet also feels like it mysteriously contains everything.

Intuition as both the emptiest and the fullest space in existence. Empty because it is pure and infinitely fresh. Full because it grants the possibility for anything in all of existence to manifest before us. I feel that intuition needs to be looked at as the original space of love through which we are all connected and communicate, sans the conditioned language of the mind.

Learning to experience intuition as the language of presence, rather than as the language of the mind, allows us to relax a little when working something out in life. Seeking for answers from intuition shouldn’t be stressful — if it’s feeling stressful, then we have to reconvene. Tuning into intuition should be what helps us to relax because it is a tuning into our surrendered presence, where all is well and we are supported. The answers that come through in this space may never be as practical and loud as they are in the mind, but they will provide us with a calm reassurance that there are forces beyond our comprehension working with us to manifest our intentions. And really when it comes to understanding the answers of intuition, intention is everything. But that is another topic for another day.

As always, don’t take my words as your truth. Dive into your own curiosity with some self-reflection on where you’re at with this topic. Here’s five questions to get you going in doing so …

  1. From my own experience, how would I define intuition? 
  2. What does an “intuitive message” feel like for me? 
  3. Is how I experience intuition today different than when I was a child? If so, how? If not, how not?
  4. How do I feel that my intuition is different than my mind?
  5. Do I have any fears or hesitations around following my intuition? If so, why? If not, why not?

I would love to know some of your answers if you feel called to share them. I know that this community would too! Feel free to comment down below. 

Also check out Intuitive Alchemy to dive deeper into this.

And lastly, I highly recommend checking out the book Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm by Stephen Harrod Buhner for some stunning in-depth research on nature and her language and how she communicates beyond “mind”. As well as this satsang with Eckhart Tolle on intuition and following our feelings. 

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