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» New Moon on 11/26 in Sagittarius «

 art is by Heather Heininge 

» This November's New Moon on 11/26 is in Sagittarius «

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence...and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." —Helen Keller


Innovation, vision, possibility, dreaming, exciting, healing, stimulating, ascending

Questions to Ask

What am I currently dreaming into being?

What do I intend for in my life in the next 6-9 months?

What qualities, elements or ethics do I seek to embody?

Is there someone in my life (either that I know personally or not) who embodies these qualities? Who is inspiring me?

What helps me to trust?

Who can I reach out and give a little love to today?

What to Become Aware of

We are dreaming new realities, infinite possibilities, into being. We are seeing ourselves for the capable co-creators that we are. We are able to weave the web and pull the strings of our dreams, to manifest the Beauty that we seek before our very eyes. What we wish to see, we have the energy and ability to transform from nothingness, into everythingness. The everythingness which makes our lives purposeful, persistent, aligned, and overflowing from a haven of Love. A human being is created from the mysterious meeting of a microscopic egg and sperm, germinating in darkness and without any effort needed from the mind of the Mother to do so. We are remembering that we possess the free energy within each of our hearts to give birth to greater possibilities. We of course must use our minds, but we also must remember that the mind does not paint the whole picture. The heart ~ the fluid, intuitive, alchemical heart ~ does the work of the darkness. The heart sets the intention, and the intention is the seed which holds every bit of information needed for life to bloom and thrive. Through our intentions, anything is possible. May we carry our seeds sacred, always close by and shrouded in our devotion.

At this New Moon in visionary Sagittarius, we may find ourselves weaving new webs in shapes, patterns, and extending into spaces we never could have expected. But isn’t that life, always? We forget, because we seek control. But when we release control, we see that manifestations tend to appear through mysterious, unpredictable avenues. They appear, but they have their own agenda. We don’t get to, or need to, know everything. We are meant to trust. We are meant to find deeper surrender, grace, and acceptance of each moment and each experience as it comes to us. Everything is a gift. We find this trust by remembering that we are supported, guided, and protected in realms and in ways that we aren’t always meant to understand. We are divinely and infinitely held by the Great Creator. God is peering through the eyes of every one of us. There are forces of Love at work in each of our lives, which wish only to see us thrive both as individuals and as a collective. These new visions are exciting, illuminating, healing.

This is a time to pay attention to our dreams, both daytime and nighttime. May we see them not necessarily as dreams (fleeting and imaginative), but as real, tangible, entirely possible potential realities of which we can tune our intentions into. At this New Moon, we remember that we get to choose. We each have the choice. Ultimately, no one can do it for us and we cannot do it for each other. We each play our parts. We have the support and we have the guidance, but at the end of the day, only we ourselves can pull ourselves through with a willing spirit, a brave resilience, and an open heart. May this Moon chisel us into maturity so that we may walk the embodiment of our dreams. May we find comfort in recalling times when what was really difficult, sooner or later came to pass. May we rest in that sweetness in between, where we are really the alchemists of Being, waving this greater web together, intention by intention.


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