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» New Moon on 10/27 in Scorpio «

new moon in scorpio on 10/27 moon & rock moon musings


» This October's New Moon on 10/27 is in Scorpio «


Unpredictable, spontaneous, perspective, maturity, encouragement, intention, respect

Questions to Ask

How can I live more intentionally? What acts in life can I bring more intention into?

Are there ways I can show greater respect + gratitude to what supports me? If so, how?

Reflecting on maturity, in what ways do I feel that I have evolved + grown in both spiritual + practical maturity in the last year?

What presently feels most mysterious, most unpredictable, about the future?

How do I navigate this unpredictability? Do I welcome it curiously, or do I feel anxiety? Either way, why?

What new perspectives or insights have I gathered this week?

What to Become Aware of

Oh the Great Mystery of Life and how it finds its most interesting of ways to support and mature us. We are not entitled to understand why or how. This of course can be quite overwhelming and frustrating for the mind, which seeks ultimate understanding and control of its reality in order to feel safe. But since the Great Mystery of things is beyond the mind’s understanding, what we are called to do is to use the mind wisely and respectfully by bringing greater intention into even the simplest acts…such as making a cup of tea, eating a meal, making the bed, opening up our email. We are again remembering what it means to navigate this time with intention and honor. Ritualized moments of connection have become so lost within a shinier, faster world, and yet these moments are our home ~ our cornerstone within which pulls us into a kind and right relationship with the external world.

Life needs our attention, our awareness, of even the simplest of acts as being profound because these acts are a declaration to life that we are willing to keep going. That we are willing to grow and know the more which is beyond our very limiting language. There are gorgeous languages deeper within each of us, in our communion and connection with the earth, the cosmos, our ancestors, and ourSelves. Simple moments of ritual ~ in a quiet kind of meditation and reflection ~ before engaging in our everyday acts can greatly transform our relationship with life by instilling in us unshakable trust, comfort, and Love. We are supported, and we ourselves are support for the various forms of life and language that dance around us. Our intentions are our foundations. They bring us back home.

This dark Moon in alchemical Scorpio is reminding us of this ever-transformative power, and that it is really our willingness to Be with whatever shows up that gets us into the vibrational flow of surrender, by which we really come into our authenticity to embody what we came here to share. Our ability to sink openly and curiously into the present moment, simply watchful of whatever arises, is our transformation, which in turn creates a ripple effect out into the wider collective. This is Scorpio’s dynamic gift, and this is every New Moon’s consolation. We are reminded that it is safe to surrender.

We may be navigating unforeseen shifts, spontaneous new perspectives, and unpredictable experiences right now. And we must remember that none of us are alone in the depths of confusion that can come about as a result. Together, we journey through periods of clarity then periods of mystery…we walk a straight path, and eventually take a left down a new way which then takes as much getting use to as the last familiarity. We must support each other. We must encourage each other to keep going, keep growing, and mostly, to use each and every ounce of our experience (most especially the difficult ones) as our gifts for transformation into our most Loving, Loved, and Wholesome Selves. Tremendous maturity blossoms from this process, in which we again remember how to walk this time with intention and honor.


A Ritual to Practice

Bringing (In)tention Inside

Big shifts begin from simple awareness. In light of bringing more intention + honor into your life, start with what you start with first thing each morning :: Thoughts + Liquids. Beginning today, through the New Moon, and for the next week (through Samhain) when you awake each morning, do you best to allow your first thought to be one of gratitude for anything you feel grateful for in your life. Bask in the delicious vibration of this thought before you sit up and get up. Then, when you drink your water (or whatever liquid it is you like to freshen your cells with in the morning), take a quiet moment of breath to set an intention for your day before drinking it. The intention could be as huge as ace-ing your speech in a meeting, or could be as simple as a desire to feel more compassion towards yourself. Whatever your intention, make it different each day, and make it personally special to your relationship with yourSelf. May this simple practice begin to bring about greater shifts in intention and honor for all aspects of your life going forward. Much much love ~


* art is Portal of Perception by Freydoon Rassouli

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