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New Moon in Aries 4/1

  This April's New Moon on 3/31 - 4/1 is in Aries 

March 31 8:25pm HST / 11:25pm PDT

April 1 2:25am EDT / 6:25am GMT / 5:25pm AET


Initiations, identity, enthusiasm, mindfulness, meaning, resonance


Questions to Ask

What has changed for me since summer of 2021?

What has come into manifestation since then?

What am I being initiated into now? What is beginning anew? What is being birthed?

Where am I letting go? How do I feel about doing so?

What is very clearly resonant at this time, and what is a firm no?


What to Become Aware of

Take a moment to close your eyes and reach back into the middle of last year, around June-July 2021, and feel into what transformational themes were alive for you at the time.

Feel into who you were at that time — how that person thought, felt, acted, showed up on the micro (self) and the macro (collective). What was that person dreaming of? Feel into how your base frequency has changed since then — who have you become, how have your priorities shifted, what are your values now, and what dreams have moved into manifestation since then?

This sweet and supportive New Moon in Aries energy is asking us to witness how far we have come in a short amount of time, to witness what we have healed and worked through and how that has created rippling shifts throughout our reality.

Maybe it’s an instilled sense of unwavering confidence. Maybe it’s newfound forgiveness. Maybe it’s commitment or devotion to someone or something. Maybe it’s a profound letting go.

Whatever the work has been for you in recent months, take this Moon portal to celebrate yourself tenderly while you continue to plant seeds for what you wish to come into manifestation as a result of your deeper inner work.

All that you have been though is an initiation of Spirit. May we see this as a lifting of Self upon a new vantage point. One with panoramic views of our purpose and place here, as a complete infatuation with the winds of change and delicious aromas of Truth all around. In every tree, in every grain of sand, in every conversation, in every endeavor of work. We have the opportunity to see our selves reflected in it all. Ram Dass has said that suffering is grace — it is the sandpaper upon the spiritual awakening of us all. “And once you start to spiritually awaken, you re-perceive your own suffering and start to work with it as a vehicle to awakening.”

As Aries energy is bubbling with inspiration and passion, in the same vein it has clear understanding as to what is not resonant, what is not part of the path (at least not right now). Peer deeper into what is resonant for you now, and what is a clear no. What supports your path at this time, and what is a distraction? This theme of support or distraction is very alive right now, as we may be able to quickly feel what is “for us” and what is “not us”.

This idea of what is “me” and what is “not me” brings in a lot of identity themes right now as well — we may be seeing who we once were, who we are now, as well as who we want to be all at once on the same timeline of this present moment. Heart consciousness can relate with ego identity very intimately by releasing and forgiving who that ego once was, who it shows up as now, and who that longs to be as it progresses in this life.

This sense of “me” that is experienced marriage of heart consciousness and personal ego identity has a vital duty in its relationship with Nature, with Spirit, and with that is Truth. This relationship sets the tone for all the reset. How can we access this relationship on a daily basis, in a way that brings clearer communication and gratitude into our wider personal relationships? May this New Moon portal bring fresh inspiration, enthusiasm, courage, and forgiveness into your life! Wishing you many blessings of new beginnings on this darkest night of the month.

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