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New Moon 9/6 in Virgo

new moon in virgo 9/6-7 moon + rock astrology 2021
art is Oana Stoian

» This September's NEW MOON on 9/6-7 is in Virgo « 

Sept 6 5:52pm PDT / 8:52pm EDT

Sept 7 1:52am BST / 10:52am AET



Grounding, opening, inspiring, changing, space making, movement, gradual, quality


 Questions to Ask

Do I have daily practices or rituals that help me to center into myself and feel ease?

If not, what do I feel inspired to implement into my daily life? It can be so very simple, anything.

How do I feel in my body today? What are 3 words to describe my relationship with my body today?

Where do I feel stagnant and tight? How do I feel inspired to move my body to open and release?

Do I feel that my communication is authentic at this time? How can I be more intentional with my words?


 What to Become Aware of 

How are we bringing our centering practices into our every day reality? This very solution-oriented New Moon inspires new pathways for us to bring the healing inner work that we are doing into our seemingly most mundane activities. This Moon is practical and very grounding as we have a lot of movement in all the Earth signs. 

This dark Moon portal is initiating a time of change and forward movement. A time of refinement, cleaning up, cleaning out, and making space. We are encouraged now to make space for new ideas to come through, new ideas which provide us with the practical solutions to the more etheric, emotional inquiries we have been holding. We can do this through the movement of our physical bodies — where we are holding stagnancy, stale and sore energy can be a portal into opening up to these new solutions and deeper levels of healing in our psyche. The body is a vehicle for the spirit, and we can move into more intimate alignment with spirit’s message when we tend to the body in different ways.

What shifts, habits, or changes have you been putting off? Sit mindfully still for a new breaths to notice where subtleties of your body and where it is asking you to open up. Go there in whatever way you feel inspired to today. Any changes that we move into at this New Moon don’t need to feel like turning on or off a light switch — they can be gradual, incremental, small steps day by day. Better to engage with the fluctuations of our lives with quality awareness to our actions, rather than quantity of actions. Hold this in your heart this week, and don’t get overwhelmed. Come back to your most simple centering practices and allow the essences discovered there to radiate out in incremental ways over the course of time.

In recent months, we have had a lot of cosmic focus on relationship and communication. Venus is still inspiring a lot of awareness around who we are in relationship with others and how our communication may or may not feel authentic to us. This doesn’t need to be taken too seriously — we can simply use our communication at this time as that same physical portal into deeper opening into our own spirit and psyche. This is just about becoming aware of what we say, how we say it, and how it is received. All in all, I feel that this New Moon is so much about tender physical awareness and working with that as a portal to the Divine. I am presently reading Tara Brach’s Radical Acceptance and it is so very in alignment with the essences of this beautiful Moon. I’d highly suggest you give it a read (or re-read) too! 

 Listen to the audio version of this Moon musing here:

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