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» New Moon 4/11 in Aries «

 new moon in Aries 4/11/21 astrology moon + rock

art is Monica Barengo

» This April's NEW MOON on 4/11 is in Aries « 

April 11 7:20pm PST / 10:30pm EST

April 12 2:30am GMT / 12:30pm AEST

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Opening, confidence, alignment, action, quality, recognition, pivot


Questions to Ask

What does trusting myself feel like in my body?

What practices help me to feel trust in myself?

What patterns / habits am I engaged with that don’t resonate / don’t serve me any more?

What can I replace those patterns / habits with instead?

Where am I beginning again? What areas of life are shifting?


What to Become Aware of

It’s been a whole Moon cycle since I touched in here! Which is never the ideal because these little letters bring me so much joy. But I tend to write them in moments of quiet stillness, and I’ve had few of those moments in recent months — or at least, moments like that in which my brain feels turned on enough to write something. Such is life with a 2.5 year old alongside the growth of a handful of other adventures. Thank you for still coming back here even through any inconsistency there may be :)

I have been loving the build up to this sweet Aries New Moon. It’s quite a confronting one, but it’s coming with an edge of Beauty (must be that Sun, Moon, Venus conjunction). There is a deeper sense of self-trust from self-understanding, transcending whatever stories-of-the-past that we tend to identify with in our slippier moments. There is a vibrancy coursing through here, heightening an understanding of who we are now compared to who we once were. We may be seeing how far we have come and how we have brought ourselves here through an inherent knowing of our infinite worth, determination and courage. No matter where we are now or where we want to go next, we have each exercised great courage in standing up for what matters to us and for seeding the intentions for a life that acts in alignment with our core-of-core values and visions.

We can use this time productively by taking inventory of where we are beginning again — where we are shifting (in any area of life) to act in ways that are in greater alignment to these values and visions. As Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, what we plant (intend for) at this time lingers throughout the next 12 months and has a lasting effect on our wider lives. We are needing to trust ourselves here. And doing so is not always comfortable or familiar. When we lean into deep trust in ourselves, it can bring up all the reasons why we maybe shouldn’t trust ourselves this time. This is what we need to look at. Just look at. Don’t make any moves into the doubts, just sit with them and breathe into them in the greatest capacity that you’re able. Similarly breathe into the trust that is present and allow it to carry you away. Forge new patterns and paths by saying yes to the experiences that are resonant with your core-of-cores. Stay grounded in your body through physical movement, getting out in Nature, and tuning in with a simple mediation practice. Do some spring cleaning on this vibrant New Moon — both literally and energetically. Enjoy it!

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