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Mermaid Food!


this recipe comes to you from the radiant Liz Smithers over at Eli Keaton. having worked in wellness for some time, I know a creative food goddess when I see one. Liz and her business partner Kristal are creating some stunning hormone-loving delicacies on the island of Kauai. and being a Hawaiian-based business as well, us island goddesses must stick together. I'm elated to share Eli Keaton's plant chemistry with you all. this is just the first of many! below, find M E R M A I D  F O O D.


" there is nothing like a good dose of deep water algae to get those cells nice and happy. especially the cancer fighting ones. lets advocate there be a new law that sea algae is administered into all patients bloodstreams 3 times a day, just for good measure. 

i love making bombs, or smoothie bowls jacked up with adaptogens, but I am aware that even fruit sugar (in frozen form) can be somewhat of a shock to our blood sugar and overall agni (digestive fire). so hidden beneath this blue mountain of magic is some sugar-free coconut chia pudding + hormone balancing shatavari butter. (*editor's note: only Eli Keaton home-makes makes this marvelous stuff*)

the mountain of frozen fruit blended with tocotrienols probably makes up for the space I filled underneath, but who's counting. beautiful food makes me happy. "


1 c frozen banana
1 c frozen mango
2 TBSP nut mylk
2 TBSP tocotrienols plus 1/2 TBSP for sprinkle
1 tsp reishi mushroom
1 tsp cordyceps mushroom
1-2 scoops blue majik
1 c chia pudding *
2 TBSP bioavailable shatavari butter (melted)
1/2 cup roasted blueberries **

*chia pudding
1 c nut mylk
3 TBSP chia seeds
pinch of vanilla powder
1 TBSP maple syrup (optional)
blend together and let sit for a few hours, or overnight. 

**roasted blueberries
1/2 c blueberries roasted on a parchment paper lined pan for 5-10 minutes (until weathered), at 350 degrees. 


  • blend frozen fruit with nut milk + tocotrienols + both mushrooms in a high powered blender (that has a wand). you will need to use the food pusher/ wand to blend all ingredients together, scraping in a square motion to keep everything flowing
  • melt 1 TBSP of bioavailable shatavari butter and drizzle on the inside of the jar, making a "wall"
  • pour the chia seed pudding in first, then layer your bomb part on top of the pudding
  • drizzle with more melted butter + tocotreinols + roasted blueberries
  • snap a photo + #beautybelly #bellybombs #mermaidfood

As in all things, enjoy! 

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