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what’s the energy of the place you’re in?

gosh, I know, it can be so hard to “heal” while amidst the erratic, ambitious energy of a city. if you’ve woken up, are in the process of waking up, and feel Mama’s calling for higher health, I so get how difficult it can feel amidst a place that is vastly lacking modalities for healing. every day can feel like a battle. every day.

and that sucks! so bad! so I feel that it really is important to align ourselves — in the most cautious ways we know how — with the unique energy of a place while inside of it. because believe me, if we don’t, we’re bound for imbalance. it just isn’t natural to live in a state of resistance, or defiance. that’s suffering. and that’s always a choice.

know that there is nothing that can touch you — nothing that can hurt you. you have the choice of whether or not to surrender to the beauty in the energy, or the misery of it. get in there, get what you need, keep an elevated perspective, and get out! get back to your Mother. get back to the Earth.

even immersed in a city, there are so many ways to do so. have an indoor, windowsill, or fire-escape garden. brew your own ferments every Sunday. maintain a grounding, delicious morning practice. take frequent trips outside city limits, camp in a forrest, finally see the stars. eat many, many plants. take tonic, adrenal balancing herbs. love up your skin in organic hydrosols / oil. pray. be generous. love.

how are we to heal, while we have just so much going on?

we keep that elevated perspective, and we channel all difficult, or easily loving sentiments into our work — into everything we have going on. there is nothing that has not manifest . . . you are healed in this moment, Now. because there’s nothing but right Now.

give yourself peace. don’t resist. channel. listen. love. we’re all in this together . . .

* image: Brigitte Bardot in a hammock in St. Tropez, photographed by Slim Aarons.


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