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» Full Moon on 2/9 in Leo «

full moon in Leo 2/9 2020 moon & rock blog moon letters astrology


∵ art is Emil Bisttram, Oversoul, c. 1941, oil on masonite, 36 x 27”, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York ∵

» This February's Full Moon on 2/9 is in Leo « 

"It takes courage to open ourselves up to joy."

—Brene Brown


Clarity, bravery, confidence, motivation, devotion, harmony, playful, vibrational, authentic  


Questions to Ask ⊹

Where do I presently need to be brave? Around what issues or experiences?

Do I feel a high degree of confidence in my life today? If not, what is preventing it? What makes me feel confident?

What do I present feel devoted to? What does devotion mean to me?

What areas of my life deserve more balance, more harmony? What actions can I take to materialize this?

In what areas of life do I need to be more playful? Smile more often?


What to Become Aware of ⊹

At the heart of all that we love, is self love — love for ourselves as aspects of everything. All that we love, care for, feel devoted to, and feel passion for is a luminous mirror reflecting the authentic adoration we carry for our own selves in infinite forms. At the heart of all that pains us, makes us suffer and massacres our motivation, is a boundless strength and courage to keep on dancing, keep on creating. Because beneath and beyond all of these life stories, lives a capable creator and confident consciousness. At this Full Moon in tenacious Leo, we are imbued with self-love, self-protection, self-motivation and gifted the bravery to keep on dancing despite the forces that intend to dumb us down. We are rising. We are roaring. Our voices are being heard and our strength is contagious. We are reminded that self-love is an all encompassing journey of discovering our worth, our beauty, our purpose and our presence beyond our physicality, and then allowing that knowing to manifest as a surrender into, and gratitude for, our physicality and life circumstances. This knowing seeps into the suffering cracks of our external world, like crisp spring water flooding a dried up river, to transform and enliven them; to give them a purposeful place; to make them a gift for our healing and evolution; to truly render us whole. Self love is a journey first through spirit, and then through action, by aligning ourselves again and again with our essence of eternity as our guide.

At this Moon, we are called into an action plan for harmoniously and clearly materializing our dreams. We are called to clear away space and feelings and things which no longer bring us joy (though they once may have) and only keep around what keeps our motivation moving. We are being called to be impeccable with our word — to share our voices honestly and authentically, always with an intention for kindness and out of personal necessity. Using our voices is alchemical — it transforms stuck or stagnant energy within our bodies and renders us the clarity to put our emotions into productive action rather than spinning them out of control. We may be feeling passionate, but may we allow our passion to be a warm candle lighting our way on in consistency and consolation, rather than a forest fire blazing imbalance and tragedy. Don’t spin out. Keep coming back to your heart of self love.

May we stay playful and not take it all so seriously. The innocent whimsy of our childhood nature still beats in our bodies. That wonder is always accessible. May we never let the act of growing up make us make us hard. May it make us wise. But may we stay soft and smile all the way. In reconnection with this playfulness, now is a wonderful time to take note of, and follow, intuitive pings. Take action on something the moment you are inspired to do so. Don’t wait around. Trust your longing. Life does not just happen to us, but we are capable co-creators in taking action to live in the world we wish to see. We can walk with instinct, we can be brave, and we can side with forces of Love. Because after all, we are the force of Love. We are rising and we are roaring. Blessed Full Moon!


A Ritual to Practice ⊹

Candle of Passion + Intention

Spend a few moments in silent meditation, opening up to your authentic heart desires (envisioning the world you wish to see). Give yourself as much time as you need to really sink in and hear your inner voice of intuition.

Once clear, setup your space with a candle, something to carve with such as a thin wooden stick or needle, and essential oils that reflect your passion + intention.

Slowly carve words or symbols into your candle, focusing on your intention.

Anoint your candle and envision your intention clearly as you bask in its glow. Seal your ritual with gratitude and blow our your candle. Revisit this meditation regularly until your candle burns out.

This beautiful ritual is adapted from The Moon Deck, an enlightening oracle deck I have personally been using for many years and highly recommend! 

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