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» Full Moon on 11/12 in Taurus «

full moon in taurus on 11/12 astrology moon & rock


» This November's Full Moon on 11/12 is in Taurus «


"With Awareness there comes choice. And so you are able to say: 'I allow this moment to be as it is.' And then, suddenly, where before there was irritation, there is now a sense of Aliveness and Peace. And out of that comes right action...Awareness is the greatest agent for change." ~~ Eckhart Tolle


Awareness, awakening, desire, influence, vision, devotion, threshold, organic


Questions to Ask

What needs refinement in my life right now? What is currently keeping me feeling stuck, spiraling, not really feeling my best?

What makes me feel grounded? How can I make space to engage in these practices more, at least once per day?

What makes me feel sensual? Or, what taps me into my sensuality?

What practices or affairs do you feel drawn to to cultivate greater Awareness + Presence within myself day to day?

What do I find myself daydreaming about right now?

How can I better use my voice, to speak up for myself, or for an injustice I see?

What do I presently feel Devoted to?

What am I grateful for today?


What to Become Aware of

Whatever we do, when we do it with Awareness, we are doing it well. Now is our time to re-discover, to tap back into, what Awareness means to us individually ~ what it feels like, how it carries itself, how it communicates, how it tastes in our own bodies. The root interpretation of “unconscious” is really just to miss the mark, whereas the root interpretation of “awareness” is to make the mark. Even the simplest acts done in Awareness bring peace and brightness into our presence here. With the elevated, sensuous energy of this Full Moon in Taurus, we are called to sink deliciously into the infinite realms of our own poignant Awareness, infusing it into every interaction we have with Life. There is no limit to the amount of love we can pour into our actions. Awareness means responding, not reacting. It means supporting, not competing. It means accepting, not controlling. We ultimately don’t have control over another’s way of being in the world, and if this bothers us, may we see it as a call to greater understanding of the disharmony within our own relationship with Life. The smaller sense of self craves to shape its external reality into what it believes it needs to feel safe. But the higher sense of Self understands that it has everything it needs within, and that any external irritation a doorway into greater acceptance and compassion for the complexity of this reality. That is to say, don’t give a single worry as to what someone else’s experience of Awareness looks + feels like / how they may be trying to wrangle you to be what they need you to be / how you may find yourself wrangling them into being what you would want for them to be. All we truly have is our own Awareness to care for. May we do so fluidly. May we find safety we seek within the sanctuary of our own Being. Our own Awareness as our navigation.

Taurus is ruled by Love Goddess Venus, escorting us into quite the sensual space as the illumination of this Moon rises high. We are blossoming, smelling and tasting the sweetness of our own expressions. We are called to loudly live our inspirations ~ to fiercely gravitate towards what makes us feel good, devoid of care of the judgements of others. What sets your heart on fire? What gets you day + night dreaming in vivid color? What makes you feel so alive? Dive in. Unapologetically go there. You do you. I love what Lacy Phillips shares in that our Magnetism is our most powerful tool in the Manifestation of our core desires. Our Magnetism is our living embodiment of this greater sense of Self. Little day to day interests can be mysterious rabbit holes into new dimensions of creativity + possibility, when we allow them to be. At this Full Moon, go all in. Fall down the rabbit hole. Enter into Wonderland. What do you find yourself consistently curious about? What topics are filling your search history? What aesthetics are calling your name? And what injustices do you desire to infuse healing + accord into? Find your ways to show up for these topics and be a thoughtful participant in their unfolding.

Venus also calls us to come into greater Self + Life understanding through our physicality. As ethereal and sublime as she may be, she is the ruler of participation through the body ~ This body which both holds the chemical, hormonal, and neurological capacity to connect with the cosmic, the liberated, the energetic ~ as well as holds an undeniably grounded experience of the fleshy, the organic, the verbal. Our bodies are both our vessels for transcendence, and our vessels for rooting. At this Moon, may we carry our Awareness of both, and embody a steady, liminal space between the two. May we love on and listen to these bodies as our guides. Now is a wonderful time to try something new and to make shifts away from what keeps us stuck or spiraling or not really feeling our best. It will not hurt to just try another way. Experiment. Listen and respond. Listen and respond again. Higher health through our physicality is our priority at this time.

These are also dynamic days for exercising Devotion. What practices or affairs do you feel drawn to to cultivate greater Awareness + Presence within? Devotion is simple love without expectation. It is loyalty to a mode or way. It is enthusiasm for the threshold spaces that a fast-paced society doesn’t recognize as influential, much less necessary. Devotion grounds us into this threshold space where our perception can be cleansed, and as Aldous Huxley so beautifully conveys, “everything would appear to (wo)man as it is…Infinite.”


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