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Full Moon in Pisces || September 10


Pisces Full Moon on September 10 || Harvest Moon

May our inner artist reign fluid and free! This deliciously creative and juicy Full Moon portal brings us into higher dream states of artistic potential. As Moon has moved from practical Virgo and into spiritual Pisces, we are called to lay down the mental pressures for how we believe things are *supposed to be* and melt our every fiber into a greater portrait of how things *long to be*.

How can the mundane become artistic? How can we translate the the basic necessities of our lives into wild creative expression? Think of it like a literal translation of one spoken language into another, or like the cinematic depiction of your favorite novel. We can literally muster from within us the intention to curate our lives with the beauty that beats in our hearts.

This might looks like handwriting to-do lists in our own unique handwriting, rather than typing it in a phone note. Or swapping the old chipped Target mug that holds our morning beverage for a new handmade ceramic one.

Or approaching our work / business from a different, spiritual perspective on why we chose this path — what is it in spirit that has called us to this work? Are we living in alignment with our what and why, or do adjustments need to be made?

This is peaceful Pisces energy and inquiry that we can apply broadly across all aspects of our lives — becoming curious about what it is in spirit that calls us to whatever is present in our lives. Children, objects, hobbies, food, environment… You name it, apply it.

And this doesn’t need to be taken too seriously, but approached with a childlike fascination and detachment. Almost as if we are looking into someone else’s life story. This vantage point is one of consciousness, of the subconscious, of the witness.

You, as the witness of this life, this body, this path… You as bestower of these dreams… You as the harbinger of this Beauty.

May the illumination of this intuitive Moon grant you the permission to swim away from all that you are sacrificing too much for, from all that is not nurturing your what and why. May it grant you clarity of dreams and the intuitive fortitude to follow through. Bask in this juicy time and enjoy the inspiration that it brings!

Self Inquiry:

* Where can I imbue more creativity into my every day life?

* How in touch am I with my inner artist? How can I let her out, be free?

* What artistic expression am I most drawn to at this time?

* How intimate am I with my intuition right now? What practices help me to feel / hear intuition?

* Where am I in alignment with my inner values, and where am I not? Where do I need to let go?

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