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creating today can be difficult. our planet is incredibly saturated. what you do, or want to do, has likely already been done. but, what’s the shame in that? that fuels me, and inspires me. I always come back to Picasso — “good artists copy, great artists steal”. 

I don’t know if you feel this same way, but my personal truth is that there is a Oneness, an ultimate, simple, beautiful Unity to All that Is. this truth has begun to extend to every facet of my life — there are painful facets of Unity that are disgustingly hard to face (because what’s going on in the world is unfathomably sad), and then there are those that are easier to celebrate (staring into your lover’s eyes and feeling the deepest bond). most recently, my feelings of Oneness have extended into the economy, and technology — the general market and all it’s cranking saturation. look at any industry, and there’s trillions of dollars behind trillions of products, most of which emit clever, gorgeous marketing (aka persuasion). 

there were times when the world was simpler — when artists emerged with brand new aesthetics, never seen before. of course, this happens today, but no doubt we are in an era of Inspiration. our ability to spread information through all forms, all mediums, infiltrates the collective psyche. all education, especially that of the arts, fills us with a history of aesthetic perspectives, which have ultimately pulled us from unique creation, to a kind of reminiscent creation — inspired by that which has come before, and melting them all together. it’s less of a “present moment” type of creation, and more of a frenetic one. but, therein lies our chance to return to a world of simplicity — to return to the unique. 

Baroque, Rococo, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, Abstract, Dada, Surrealism, Deco, Pop . . . within each, society is guided by artists and the shapes they make. similarly, artists are guided by society, to keep bringing forth new visions, new perspectives of the reality we perceive. artists are guided by society to break through the saturated mold — to challenge the norm, to always keep creating. to be unique.

our Universe is moving towards complexity, as well as simplicity. the yin and the yang, existing at the same damn time. I love being in this era of Inspiration. Pinterest is my favorite thing. but what I love the most, is paring back to something simpler, and the unique essence of what it is I want to do. sure, it’s probably been done before, and will probably be done again, but what if that stopped me from trying? then where would we be?

let’s not let saturation stop us. let’s merely be inspired by it. let’s embrace it. let’s keep getting simple, while we watch it all swirl around.


* art by Eugenia Loli *


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