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I am so excited to share with you mamas the postpartum healing essentials that I've depended upon in these weeks following Bridgette's birth. As I write this, B is 3.5 weeks old, and I am feeling so strong and so alive. Yes, I have moments every day of deep exhaustion, but I am similarly feeling so high on all the nourishment and love floating around. If it wasn't for lots of organic, nutrient dense whole foods, liters and liters and liters of water daily, and all the below allies, I know I would be feeling much, much more depleted than I actually am. Read on for the goods ~


  • Infusion of equal parts NettlesRed Raspberry LeafDandelion Root, and Shepard’s Purse — I've been drinking this infusion almost every day. I make about 1 quart's worth and drink it over the course of 2-3 days. I dilute the bit that I do drink with some water, as I make it quite strong and these herbs can be quite bitter! But they are incredible medicine. My uterus tucked back under my pubic bone and I stopped bleeding before two weeks were up, and I swear that this rapid healing is due to this herbal blend! I made a big jar of these herbs a week before giving birth, so I have the mix all ready to just throw in my French press to infuse every day. In a half gallon jar (as pictured above), I put in equal parts of every herb, and shook it up to mix. Here's why I chose the herbs inside:

Nettles — Crazzzzy high in calcium, which is a nutrient most new mamas are easily deficient in while nursing. Also crazy high in magnesium, iron, amino acids and essential minerals.

Red Raspberry Leaf — So very balancing for the new, wild wave of hormones that a woman experiences after giving birth. This herb helps to nourish and strengthen the uterus, as well as control any excess bleeding or residual cramping.  

Dandelion Root — Amazingly detoxing for the liver, as well as high in vitamins C and A in their most organic, absorbable form. Dandelion is also very helpful for mama's digestive system postpartum — those first few poops are quite ... scary, to say the least. This really helps to keep things moving properly.

Shepard's Purse — The absolute best ally for helping to control excess bleeding or clotting in the uterus! I swear this is the reason that I stoped bleeding at two weeks instead of the supposed 6 weeks.


  • SuperFeast’s JING — Okay, this is truly my #1 ally right now. Every new mama and papa should get on the JING! And if you're looking for an amazing gift for new parents, get them this. Ah I truly cannot say enough about this powerful herbal blend for postpartum healing. I drink a warm cup of it every morning, sometimes with nut milk, but most times not, because I have zero time to make milk these days. But after my cup, I feel so strong and stable, even after a night of horribly chopped up sleep. I feel that it's balancing my hormones during this wild new hormonal shift, as well as adapting my endocrine and nervous systems to the new "stress" (good stress!) in my life. SuperFeast, I am so grateful for you.
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  • Sun Potion’s YIN POWER — I've been putting a tbsp of this insanely delicious blend into Evan and I's chia pudding every morning. YIN's product description says it way better than I can ~ "This is our love note to all the powerful mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers and healers in our global community.... a blend of organic + wild harvested herbs we have crafted to nourish feminine energy and harmonize the whole system, from the inside > out."


  • NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil — I used moderate amounts of this powerful CBD oil during the last stages of pregnancy, and now postpartum, every night as an essential supplement. During pregnancy, it was a savior for my nausea, which came on again during the third trimester! I completely lost my appetite at this time too, and when I started taking this, it got so much better! I also had some annoying back pain that this seemed to curb. Now postpartum, I've been taking it to speed up my yoni healing and reduce inflammation, as well as work on the inflammation  on my breasts as my milk has come in. So far, so good. It also works wonders on settling postpartum sadness, hormonal anxiety, and promotes restful sleep (when you can get it, that is...)
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  • goop's The Mother Load Supplements — goop gifted me a box of these supplements, and I'm so freaking grateful! They are l o a d e d with everything a new, and or depleted, mama needs after giving birth and especially during those exhausted days of nursing and caring for a tender little being. The prenatal I was taking while pregnant was loaded with raw sprouts and cruciferous veggies, which are a no-go while nursing ... those can really upset a baby's tender digestive system. So I am, again, so grateful to now have these deeply mineralizing and vitamin rich supplements to replenish everything I give to baby while nursing.


postpartum healing essentials . moon and rock blog


  • Chia pudding with homemade hemp mylk — This has been the ultimate quick food and source of energy for me, any time of day! Either Evan or I have been making a quart of it every night, and enjoying it together throughout the next day. To make the hemp mylk, I blend up 3 heaping TBSP of hemp seeds with 1 quart of water, 5 drops of stevia, then blend on high for 30 seconds. I then pour this into a quart Mason jar with about 1/4 cup of chia seeds, shake it up, and leave it in the fridge over night. Delish. The topping options for it are endless.


  • Organic Reusable Boobie Pads — These are so, so essential once your milk comes in! I leak all day long, and these organic zero waste pads keep it from getting all over my clothes. Yes, you have to wash them every few days, but doing so saves on a TON of single use plastic, as well as money! It's a one time buy that will last you for many many moons.


  • NutraCare Menstrual Pads — I love love love these pads. They're organic, plastic free (!!!!) and perfume + chlorine free. Not a lot of other pads can boast that, as well as work really well. It feels amazing to put some witch hazel on them and keep in the freezer during those first few days of yoni inflammation. You can get these in bulk on Amazon, or likey from your local health food shop (which is where my mom originally found them for me). 




  • Talk to someone you love and trust about how you feel for 20 minutes a day! Alchemize your feelings by letting them flow. And you know the wise old woman saying: letting the tears flow, makes the milk flow. Don't be afraid to feel what you feel and express it authentically. You are not alone in what you're going through. Unfathomable amounts of women have done it before you, and are doing it with you right now. We're in this together.

And along with all this goodness, don't forget to eat PLENTY of healthy fats! I'm not here to follow or really advocate for any specific diet ... you do you, lady. But I will say that I naturally desired to go from a very high-carb diet (craved a lot of fruit during pregnancy) to now, a very high-fat diet. I literally cannot get enough. A new mama's body desperately needs fats and 500-1000 extra calories while nursing in order to produce good amounts of nutritious breast milk. Also don't forget to drink PLENTY fo fluids  at least two more liters of water than you're use to throughout the day. But believe me, you may might be thirsty enough to drink even more than that. 

X Happy healing mama!