Our 4 Pillars of Self Care

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At Moon + Rock, we believe that the root of a skin symptom or imbalance goes deeper than a recent or immediate influence. 

We understand that what is really going on is connected to a wider web of life experience.

We cannot sustainably care for our skin without caring for every level of our being.

This wider web of self-care consists of influences from both consciousness and physicality.

We break these influences down into four pillars of self-care that awareness must be brought to when there are skin symptoms or imbalances ::

⊹ Energetic influence

This includes limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves + our world which keep us energetically closed off to our true, infinite beauty + worth. These kinds of imbalances manifest as 

⊹ Internal balance

This includes the digestive system, endocrine (hormone) system, immune system, nervous system, organ function, pathways of elimination, as well as underlying disease, viruses or bacteria. The most powerful way to support internal balance is through diet and proper movement. Internal imbalances manifest in 

⊹ Epidermal layers

This includes the epidermal (skin) state, such as barrier strength, moisture levels, resiliency, inflammation, pigmentation, scarring, age, sun exposure, etc. Topical products remedy this. Any deficiencies here manifest in tandem with 

⊹ External influence

This encompasses lifestyle, sleep, climate / environment, travel, pollution, etc.


We can break these pillars down even further by understanding that truly wholistic skincare is an ever-evolving process of ::

⚘ Expanding

into our inherent beauty + worth

⚘ Regenerating

deep seated imbalance, dis-ease, or trauma stemming as far back as birth + up until present day

⚘ Nourishing

by offering the body the goodness it needs to bring vibrancy back into where there is imbalance or stagnancy

⚘ Protecting

the good work that is being done on every other level, in order to keep a movement forward + a growing personal intimacy with the body's needs on any given day


At Moon + Rock, our offerings serve to ::

⊹ Reduce your fear associated with skin conditions by providing you with the tools to re-center into your infinite beauty + worth beyond what is reflected in the mirror

 Give you the practical products + tools to gain perspective around what is happening with your skin + strategies for regeneration

We are walking with you, back into your wholeness, to be Expanded, Regenerated, Nourished, and Protected in Mind, Body, and Consciousness. This is truly holistic Beauty. This is the Beauty of the future.

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