ELLEN FISHER: Conscious Mama + Plant Goddess

My consciousness and overall health woke up tremendously when I came across Ellen Fisher and her vibrant social channels. This was three years ago, when I intuitively began eating a vegan diet and eliminating toxic waste from my field. Hers was the first "vegan e-book" that I purchased, and frankly, the only one I've made recipes from  her dressings are insane. Ellen is a mama of two delicious boys, wife to a rad superman, and endless caretaker of our planet's health (as well as that of your delicate body!). She is a fellow Hawaiian islands sister, and I feel so blessed to call her my friend.

Read her heart and story below.  

ellen fisher for steele henry interview

What environment do you hail from? What elements of that have impacted your journey thus far?

"I was born and raised in Orange County, California, a fast paced, 'keeping up with the Jones’s' type of place where I felt surrounded by materialism and consumerism all my life. Of course, not all of Orange County is like this, but this is what I felt engrained in me a lot while growing up. At certain parts of my young adulthood, I let that shape me to feeling that I would only be valued as a person if I drove an expensive car, had perfect make-up, was really unhealthily skinny, and wore designer purses and heels. I met my then boyfriend, who is now my husband Andrew, in junior high school and we started dating when we were 15 years old. He never liked the materialism stuff. It was a turn off to him. So by the time we graduated college and got married he had helped me see how completely ridiculous the notion was to consider yourself valuable and loved based on your physical possessions and appearance.

I became vegan when I was 18 years old, which helped me heal from an eating disorder. I finally began to eat for a health body and mind, not an unhealthily skinny body. This was the first step for me to open my eyes and to evolve in consciousness. Andrew had told me at the time that he would never go vegan but that he was happy for me to do it. Just a few short years later he found himself vegan with me, and together our values and consciousness shifted in such a positive way over the years. We began to crave minimalism and a simple life in nature. Which brought us to the Aloha way of life and we quickly found ourselves dreaming of life together on an island, with tropical fruits ripening on the tree, crystal clear warm water to swim in, and a happy, low key place to raise children in. We moved to Maui when our first child, Elvis, was one years old and we have never looked back. Maui has our heart and has been the beautiful haven that helped our dreams come true."sandy and elvis fisher

What is your work? And what in your personal life has influenced that the most?

"My work is on social media. I post on Youtube and Instagram @ellenfisher, which leads people to my website where I sell healthy vegan and raw food recipe e-books! I am SO THANKFUL that I literally get to be a stay at home mom with my kids, which is my number one most important job, AND have work I’m super passionate about and love that brings an income for my family. The content I put out into the world is filled with my daily life in Hawaii, and posts on topics I’m passionate about, inspire me, and give me hope for the world."

ellen fisher epic vegan food recipes What are your rituals?

"Some of my favorite and most important rituals are ones involving quality time with my boys. For me, peaceful waterfall hikes, daily ocean swims and family dinner are my rituals. My spiritual practice is to act daily in love, treat others as I would want to be treated, and to try to emulate a life that I believe our Divine Creator’s purpose is for my life. I see God in his beautiful creation, in the nature that surrounds us. So, often the moments that feel most spiritual for me are when I'm swimming in an incredibly cold and life-filled waterfall, surrounded by the trees, feeling God’s presence and magnificence in His artwork that we call Earth. I wish I could say that part of my spiritual practice is meditating. I totally know how beneficial meditating is and I seriously gotta get on that! Every time I try to meditate, I feel like I’m no good at it and give up. Maybe Evan will have to mentor me on this one day lol."

ellen, sandy, and elvis fisher

 What creative endeavors do you feel drawn to at this time?

"Creatively I LOVE photos. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I really love and enjoy taking photos of my life with my boys. I am also so driven to put out YouTube videos more consistently. Since I recently finished my second ebook, Epic Vegan Food, I now have more time to put videos together."

sandy and elvis fisher in hawaii

What does "Beauty" mean to you?

"Beauty, to me, makes me think of ecstasy from nature-filled experiences. It also means unconditional love, that is so beautiful. And one who emulates beauty is confident in themselves just the way they are, love filled, and lives a healthy lifestyle. Fueling your body with healthy and compassionate plant foods makes your insides healthy, which reflects the highest beauty on the outside!"

the fisher family on maui

  Photographs by Ellen and @cadencia